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This formidable turkey is the keeper of the cars

The guardian associated with Mohamed Badr al-Din’s cherished classic cars is one mean turkey.

Child’s Dying Wish Fulfilled


Emory E. Potter, a 45-year-old guy from Philadelphia died of a heart attack three hours after his child. His daughter Mary Ann, 7, seriously ill from a streptococcus an infection, told her mother hours before she died: “ I wouldn’ to mind dying if only papa would certainly go along with me. ”

Social networking design 101

Untitled design (87)

We all know visuals are the genuine stars of social media, so it’s essential for social media marketers to be on top of their game when it comes to creating visuals.

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Smaller Santa ' claws' on show in South Korea zoo

Animals in a South Korean tierpark have sported miniature Santa caps and reindeer antlers as they obtained Christmas presents from their keepers.

Tillie Klimek, High Priestess of the Bluebeard Clique

Tillie Klimek spent a large part of her life food preparation. The problem with that was that if she was mad at someone or even if she was the beneficiary associated with life insurance, the recipe often integrated arsenic. By the time Klimek was imprisoned in 1922, she had 3 dead husbands and one in the medical center for arsenic poisoning, two dead children, one dead grandchild, a dead lover, and numerous dead cousins -all for whom she’ deb cooked meals. Her cousin Nellie Koulik, also a widow, was imprisoned for providing arsenic.  

Since Chicago has been so thoroughly out of control in the ’20s, it’s not surprising that Tillie’s test turned into something of a circus. Upon numerous occasions, the judge has been forced to yell, “This is not a theater! ” But the audience might have disagreed with him. Gossipy neighbors, three gravediggers, and a “lady undertaker” testified against Tillie, and just like Hamlet’s gravediggers, they were hilarious. One gravedigger kept the audience in stitches by telling a scandalous story about Tillie’s lover John, one who would come over after Frank remaining for work. “Once I seen him kiss her, ” stated the gravedigger, and when McLaughlin asked what happened next, the gravedigger replied, “Why then, Tillie put up a few newspapers in front of the window, so I didn’t want to see in. ” Everybody damaged up at this part— even Tillie.

Tillie Klimek was far from the only woman within Chicago in the 1920s to go to test for murder, but her case differed from the others in that she wasn’ t pretty, didn’ to flirt with the court and paper reporters, and she didn’ t beat the rap, like so many others did. Read the whole sordid story of the perennial widow and her sensational trial at Jezebel. -via Digg

Siblings Build A MASSIVE Snow Sea Turtle, Put Your Snowman To Shame

Oh, you built the snowman? That’s cute.

While you were busy getting into snowball fights over the holiday break, these types of brothers were busy turning their particular front yard in New Brighton, Minnesota, into a sea turtle — a huge one made of snow:

Post by Bartz Snow Sculptures.

Bartz brothers Austin, Trevor and Connor worked on the turtle from Nov. 14 through Jan. 7, reviews KARE 11. The final work had been 12 feet tall, 37 ft long and 31 feet wide.

Impressive as the turtle is, it’s just the latest in the series of animal-themed snow sculptures.

Once, the trio built a shark so huge they could ride it:

Post by Bartz Snowfall Sculptures.

Post by Bartz Snow Sculptures.

They are yet to also constructed a walrus:

Post by Bartz Snow Sculptures.

And — because, why not? — the pufferfish:

Publish by Bartz Snow Sculptures.

WATCH a time lapse of the sea turtle’s construction, above.

H/T The Today Show

Indian native Doctor Makes Gold Diamong-Encrusted Contacts for Charity

Indian Doctor Makes Gold Diamong-Encrusted Contacts for Charity

If you’ ve got money and are searching for a novel way to […]

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The secretary told Steve Jobs she was late for work due to the fact her car…

A secretary told Steve Work opportunities she was late for work because her car wouldn’ t start – Jobs came back the same afternoon and threw her a collection of keys for a brand new Jaguar saying: “ Here, don’ t become late anymore. ”

Ex-teacher accused of sex with pupil while on bond

Prosecutors say a 35-year-old previous northern Utah high school teacher experienced sex with an underage student right after she was arrested in October 2013 in a sex abuse situation involving another underage student. Ex-teacher accused of sex with pupil while on bond Prosecutors say the 35-year-old former northern Utah high school teacher had sex with an underage student after she was arrested in October 2013 in a sexual intercourse abuse case involving another underage student.

Indiana couple charged after video shows tot putting gun in mouth


Police in Indiana have charged a few after finding cellphone videos showing the woman’s 12-month-old daughter putting a handgun in her mouth.