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Jimmy Fallon’s SNL audition will make you realize why he’s a star [video]

fffff (24)

Not that Jimmy Fallon is a big ol’ star, we tend to forget that he comes from fairly humble beginnings. Even the great Jimmy Fallon had to audition for SNL. Also, look how slender he was.

The write-up Jimmy Fallon’ s SNL audition will make you understand why he’ s i9000 a star appeared first on Holy Kaw!.

Regina Shaw Accused Of Stealing $6, 400 Worth Of Sausage

A woman accused of stealing $6, 400 worth of sausage from her employer isn’t coming out a wiener.

Regina Shaw, 45, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with felony robbery between $1, 500-$20, 000 to have an alleged sausage heist that happened Sept. 14 at the Kiolbassa Provision Company, where she was utilized, KSAT reports.

Surveillance footage allegedly recorded Shaw having a “pallet of meat product” from her place of work. She then allegedly sold a portion of the meat to some man named Peter Medellin, according to The Smoking Gun.

Medellin identified Shaw in a photo lineup and told police he accepted “more kielbasa” as payment to get a loan he had given the accused.

A police affidavit did not specify how much meat had been sold to Medellin nor exactly how she managed to steal a whole pallet of sausage in the first place.

Shaw lost her job on the company the same day she had been arrested.

She had been taken to the Bexar County Prison and released after posting a $5, 000 bail.

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Ca Burger King employee finds $100, 1000

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — An assistant manager at a Northern California Burger King found a backpack loaded with about $100, 1000 in a booth, but so far no one has come forward to claim this.

ISS astronauts enjoy Thanksgiving feast

NASA Thanksgiving feast

They may be a lot more than 400 kilometres above Earth, yet astronauts aboard the International Area Station still enjoyed an American Thanksgiving meal on Thursday.

Serbia arrests beggar with thousands within pockets, more in bank

A beggar arrested in Serbia Wednesday had millions of rials (thousands of dollars) in his pockets along with a great deal more in two bank accounts, an official said.

Lasagna King – Hakuna Matata, Other than On Mondays

Lasagna King by Legendary Phoenix

John had always felt like Garfield was a very special cat, but he had no idea about that fat cat’s royal heritage until a letter arrived from Africa addressed in order to His Royal Highness Prince Garfield of Mumbutu. The letter has been an invitation to a coronation wedding ceremony where Garfield would be pronouced Lasagna King, lasagna being the most valued food product in Mumbutu. John has been happy to escort the royal furball to Africa, and Garfield has been happy to eat every bit of lasagna in the kingdom!

Bring a touch of animated adventure to your geeky wardrobe with this Lasagna King t-shirt by Legendary Phoenix, it’s method better than Mondays and sure to enable you to get lots of free lasagna dinners!

Visit Legendary Phoenix’s Fb fan page, then head on to his NeatoShop for more deliciously geeky designs:

Toror-O The Index Hero Super Paranoid Android 42 Murray Christmas To You

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Bird Enthusiast Creates LEGO Birds Plus 10, 000 Supporters Get LEGO To Mass-Produce Them

Tom Poulsom, a novel reader and tree surgeon from Bristol, turned his passion for birding into these amazing LEGO packet bird replicas.

Poulsom’ s designs didn’ t go unappreciated – 10, 000 supporters on LEGO Ideas voted to start mass-producing 3 of his parrots, and the first kit hits shops in January.

I have always been a fan of LEGO, and a big admirer of the organic world, rekindling my love for LEGO two years ago and building exactly what most boys would build, vehicles, trucks and spaceships, etc . However , being a gardener and a lover associated with nature I wanted to build something associated with my job. One day during a split from digging in a customers backyard a Robin Red Breast landed on my fork handle. It was the eureka moment behind what is now the LEGO Bird Project, ” Poulsom told twobirdersandbinoculars.

More info: Flickr | LEGO Ideas (h/t: gizmodo, twobirdersandbinoculars)

The first three parrots to be released:

Bobby Robin assists out in the garden

Woody Woodpecker

Leeto and Latifah the LoveBirds

Victor The Violet-eared Hummingbird

Raining the Snowy Owl

Gloria Goldfinch

Tommy the Turkey

Kaimi the particular Kiwi

Kingsley Kingfisher

Marky Macaw Explores

Tiago the Toco Toucan

Cheeky little Peter

Sophie the particular Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Dodo the particular American Dipper

Chris the Red Rosella

Horace the Hyacinth Macaw

Rocky the Rock Hopper Penguin

Carona Canary

Amber the Glowing blue Kingfisher

Woman took swig of vodka during DUI stop, deputies say

Looks like she had her motorists license, registration and 100% proof insurance.

Clucky Puffleface nests with wild Tiger

In a pairing better suitable for a Disney film, a crazy kitten and a pet chicken have grown to be an inseparable couple.

Iraqi TV fights ISIS with satirical sitcom

The threat associated with living under ISIS rule is too real for people in Baghdad. But the cast of a popular Iraqi television program is using humour to dispel some of the fears.