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over 20 Animals With Unusual Fur Markings

When we a new post with 25 unusual pet markings on Bored Panda, we had no idea that we’ d get so many awesome submissions from our readers! Everybody loves cute animals, and they just get better when they have cute or unusual fur markings that make them stand out.

Whether it’ s your pet or a cool photo you have, we’ d love to see your submission in our list. Add your own photos and then vote for your faves, too! We want to see them all, whether or not they’ re adorable, weird, hilarious or something in between.

Here’s what Frank Gehry thinks of the rest of you architects

“Let me tell you one thing. In the world we live in, 98 percent of what gets built and designed nowadays is pure shit. ”

Leicester Lamster

Did an immigrant who tested positive for Ebola escape custody in Leicester?

A Cup Holder for Crutches

If you need to use crutches to get around, you may find it difficult to carry anything in your hands. Instructables member Duncan Belew created this partial solution: a cup holder that will bolts onto the side of a crutch . It’s made of two concentric rings. The inner one swivels, so as the user swings the crutch forward and backward, the cup will stay level.

nineteen Before And After Photos Of Butterfly Plus Moth Transformations

The animal kingdom is full of lovely and mysterious processes, but you can find few that are more captivating and wonderful than the metamorphoses that caterpillars undergo to become moths or butterflies.

Perhaps even more incredible than the drastic transformation is how it happens. Inside their cocoons, the caterpillars are completely liquified, keeping only rudimentary “plates” that are the starting points for important features like the wings and eyes. Despite the fact that they are reduced to a protein soups, studies have indicated that some butterflies can retain behaviors that they had been taught as caterpillars. Far out!

The cool thing is the fact that many of these caterpillars are almost as impressive, if not more so , than their particular moth or butterfly counterparts. Their bright markings and structures usually serve as protection, advertising their poisonous nature or giving predators false targets to attack.

Brahmin Moth


Image credits: Igor Siwanowicz


Image credits: Igor Siwanowicz



Image credits: Lida


Image credits: Chip Callier

Spicebush Swallowtail


Image credits: luckybon


Image credits: shill718

Black Swallowtail


Image credits: Jim Gilbert


Image credits: Tetsuya Shimizu

Polyura Sempronius


Image credits: teejaybee


Image credits: David Cook

Acraga Coa


Image credits: Our own Breathing Planet


Image credits: greenmama. ru

Acharia Stimulea


Image credits: butterfly blue


Image credits: butterfliesandmoths. org

Phobetron Pithecium


Image credits: Airton Morassi


Image credits: Lou Prosperi 3rd

Glass Winged Butterfly


Image credits: Wendy


Image credits: Alexander Adema

Cerura Vinula


Image credits: Lukas Jonaitis


Image credits: Valerio Formichella

Flannel Moth


Image credits: Andreas Kay


Image credits: Patrick Coin

Glowing blue Morpho


Image credits: gerckens. picture


Image credits: Ricardo Jimenes

Isochaetes Beutenmuelleri


Image credits: Igor Siwanowicz


Image credits: Roy Morris

Hubbard’ t Small Silkmoth


Image credits: Charles & Clint


Image credits: Margarethe Brummermann

Isa Textula


Image credits: Matthew Myers


Image credits: Ray Morris

Pipevine Swallowtail


Image credits: cotinis


Image credits: John Flannery

Spotted Apatelodes


Image credits: Bill Tanneberger


Image credits: kestrel360

Io Moth


Image credits: Jason Penney


Image credits: Roger Wasley

Attacus Atlas


Image credits: John Horstman


Image credits: Andrew Cooper

Skip Navajo Nation is not a typical “beauty pageant

Miss-Navajo Miss Navajo Nation is not a typical beauty pageant. It’ s not really about beauty, it’ s about finding who best embodies the traditions of the Navajo. The women are required to know about their heritage and lifestyle and be able to answer questions in both English and Navajo and show proficiency in a variety of skills considered essential in tribe life, including butchering the sheep.

UPI Almanac for Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014

By United Press International
UPI Almanac for Sunday, April. 26, 2014

Football team loses 86th straight fit

A Japanese university baseball team has extended its own record of futility, losing its 86th straight game.

Special primer: How to throw a perfect punch [video]

Sometimes a person (or a woman! ) needs to know how to throw a solid punch. Hopefully keep in mind that come to that, but when push relates to shove comes to punch, you’d much better have the know-how. Watch this video, grab a mirror, and get practicing, Tyson.

Guy Who Smashed Oklahoma 10 Commandments Monument Says Devil Made Your pet Do It

(Reuters) – A man was taken into custody on Friday on suspicion of banging over a Ten Commandments monument having a car on the grounds of the Oklahoma statehouse and then fleeing the scene, law enforcement officials said on Friday.

The U. S. Secret Program detained the man, who has not already been identified, after he was alleged to have made threatening statements at a federal building in Oklahoma City. The man told agents he urinated on the monument and ran it over having a car, said David Allison, the particular assistant special agent in charge.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said they believe a single person has been responsible for the act on Thurs night that left the 6-foot (1. 8-meter) monument broken in many large pieces not far from exactly where it was mounted. The man will be switched over to Oklahoma police.

The man said the devil told him to knock down the monument, local broadcaster KOCO quoted law enforcement officials as saying.

“He made those kind of claims, ” Allison said, without adding further details.

Conservative Christian groups fought for years to achieve the Ten Commandments displayed at the statehouse. Legislative approval was eventually given to the groups, who said they were using private funds to commemorate a historical event and were not in violation of constitutional restrictions on the state sponsoring religion.

The monument went up in 2012.

The American Civil Liberties Union has sued to have the monument removed on the coffee grounds that it violated church-and-state provisions. Groups including Satanists and Hindus have petitioned to erect their own typical monuments on the capitol grounds, saying their own monuments also will mark historical occasions.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, a Republican, said the particular monument will be rebuilt.

“This monument was created to memorialize the historical significance from the Ten Commandments in guiding our personal laws and lives, ” Fallin said.

(Writing by Jon Herskovitz; Editing by Bill Trott and Jim Loney)