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Spanish speleologist rescued from Peruvian give after 12 days

LIMA (Reuters) – A Spanish speleologist trapped 400 meters (1, 312 feet) underground in a cave within the Peruvian Amazon for nearly two weeks was pulled to safety on Wednesday, a rescue worker said.

Dallas man arrested after ill-fated casket prank

A Texas man thought of stealing a casket to play a prank on his sister by making her think he had dug up their dead father was imprisoned after she called police, police said on Tuesday.

What sort of spaceship battle would actually decrease [video]

If Star Wars is any sign, space battles would be lightning quick, breakneck dogfights. But when you dig to the actual science, things get a little more complicated. Maneuvering in a zero-gravity vacuum is a monster problem. Radiation can cook you alive in the cockpit. In reality, there’s a good possibility there will never be space battles like the kind you see in Star Wars.

Scorpion tale stings MPI agents

The story of a scorpion found in the traveller’s luggage at Auckland Airport terminal may turn out to have a sting in its tail.

Fairytales Come To Life In New Papercut Lighting Boxes by Hari & Deepti

Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker, two Colorado-based artists who create stunning works of illuminated fairytale paper artwork, are back with a new wondrous number of images, fittingly named “Oh, The Places You Will Go! ”

The artist-couple’ s work (which we wrote about previously) inspires images of ancient stories or of enterprising, futurist explorers, which makes sense, because they were initially inspired by Balinese shadow puppets.

They achieve their extraordinary atmospheric effect by backlights their framed paper artwork with strips of colored LED lights. The layers of paper grow darker and darker as they grow further and further from the light, providing them with their strikingly dark and split appearance.

More info: blackbookgallery. com | Instagram (h/t: colossal)













Falcon has cataract surgery, gets new lenses

CONCORD, N. L. (AP) — A falcon in New Hampshire has undergone eye surgery to remove cataracts and has received new synthetic lenses.

The Lady’s Not a Tramp: History’s Greatest Courtesans

These is a list from the book Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader History’s Lists.

For most associated with recorded history, women had just a handful of options open to them: they might marry (hopefully to men associated with means), they could teach, they could sign up for convents, or they could do something a bit more exciting … like becoming mistresses to the rich and famous. These types of eight are among history’ ersus best-known high-class ladies of the evening.

1 . PHRYNE (Four th Century BC)

As a child, she was called Mnesarete (Greek for “virtue”), but because she was born with sallow skin, she was called Phryne (Greek for “toad”). Still, Phryne became the most successful and sought-after courtesan in ancient Greece, ordering 100 times the going rate. Supposedly, she was even the model for the sculpture called Aphrodite associated with Cnidus, one of the most famous works associated with Greek art.

Lust Rewards: Phryne became incredibly rich thanks to the girl liaisons with powerful men within Athens. According to legend, she also offered to pay to rebuild the town walls of Thebes, which had been destroyed by Alexander the Great within 336 BC, but there was a condition: the new wall had to contain the wording “ Destroyed by Alexander, restored by Phryne the courtesan. ” Her offer was declined.

Around 340 BC, Phryne was accused of affronting the gods by appearing nude during a religious ceremony. At her test, the orator Hyyperides -her defense and also one of her lovers- sculpted open Phryne’ s robe and exposed her to the court. Exactly why? He considered it a legitimate protection. She was, after all, the most beautiful lady in Athens, and someone that beautiful must be on good terms with Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, no matter what codes of carry out she appeared to have broken. This worked. The judges ruled within Phryne’ s favor.

2 . THEODORA (497-548)

Theodora’ s father died when the lady was young, so her mother sent the girl to work, first being an actress and then as a prostitute.

Theodora became the mistress to a politician named Hecebolus and after that caught the eye of Justinian We, the emperor’ s nephew. Justinian was so enamored with Theodora that he wanted to marry her, but Byzantine law forbade royals through marrying mere actresses (and prostitutes, presumably), so his uncle transformed the law and Justinian and Theodora became husband and wife.

Lust Rewards: Justinian ascended to the throne within 527, and together he great wife ruled Byzantium (also known as the Eastern Roman Empire). Theodora turned out to be a gifted politician -she helped to create a new constitution to control corruption, expand the rights of women in divorce, closed brothels, and founded convents for former prostitutes. When she died at around the age of 50, she had been empress of Byzantium for more than 20 years. Historians consider her to be the most important and powerful woman in the empire’ s 1, 100-year history.

3. VERONICA FRANCO (1546-91)

Like mother, like daughter: Veronica Franco was the privileged offspring associated with Venetian courtesan Paola Fracassa. The girl studied Greek and Roman books and learned to play the lute. After marrying and divorcing a doctor, Franco consorted with politicians, musicians, philosophers, and poets. She grew to become an accomplished poet herself and recognized her sexual prowess in writing -her book Familiar Words (published in 1580) was a collection of 50 letters written to her lovers, including King Henry III of France and the Venetian painter Jacopo Tintoretto. interred with Wyatt’ s remains in Colma, California.


The article above was reprinted with permission from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader History’s Lists. Since 1988, the Bathroom Reader Institute had published a series of popular textbooks containing irresistible bits of trivia and obscure yet fascinating facts.

If you like Neatorama, you’ll love the Bathroom Reader Institute’s books — go ahead and check ’em out!

Mummy Brain Imprint Found Inside 2, 000-Year-Old Egyptian Skull

Researchers are getting a rare look at the brain of the mummy thanks to an imprint left inside the skull of someone who resided more than 2, 000 years ago within Egypt.

The particular mummy, found in 2010 with more than fifty others in the Kom al-Ahmar/Sharuna necropolis, is unique in that blood vessels of the mind were imprinted into the skull, according to Live Science.

Post by Archaeology Journal.

“This is the oldest case of mummified vascular prints, ” Dr . Albert Isidro, co-author of a study on the mummy, told Live Science.

During mummification, the mind was removed through the nose. Live Science reports that it’s rare for almost any brain tissue to be left behind, but something must have happened during the process in this instance that didn’t happen in the other people.

Archaeology Journal reports that the inside of the skull of the mummy, referred to as W19, was coated with a preservative during mummification. That will, in turn, appears to be what left the impression in the skull.

Since the same imprints weren’t present in the other mummies, scientists aren’t certain just how it happened. They think there may have been a change in the temperature or acidity of the preservative.

“The problems in this case must have been quite outstanding, ” the researchers wrote in the journal Cortex, according to Live Science. The result is what they described as “exquisite anatomical details, ” specifically a glance at the middle meningeal artery, the website reported.

The mummy is believe to be from approximately 550 and 150 BC.

Huge hairball removed from girl

THIS teen couldn’ t even swallow a glass of water without having feeling sick. Doctors had no idea they’ d find a 4kg hair basketball blocking her stomach. Warning: troubling image

Just how do Kissing, Snoring And Other Things Sound In Different Languages?

Some time ago we shared an amount of posters showing “ How Creatures Sound In Different Languages” by Adam Chapman. Luckily, this young English artist has much more in store for all of us! Kissing, eating, snoring and even camera shutters all sound very differently in different languages, but Chapman’ s cute posters let us compare how different languages around the world express noises.

When he’ s not creating language comparison paper prints, Chapman studies towards his physics PhD and works as an illustrator in Manchester. He also runs a great Tumblr featuring the rest of their creations.

Check them out to see some more great function!

More info: Tumblr | Etsy | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram