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Say no to hate. Yes in order to pancakes.


Life’ s generally better with food. Less hate, more food.

The post Say no to hate. Yes to pancakes. appeared initial on LOL Zombie.

Growl from Ipanema lures Purina

Brazilian dogs are different from canines in Britain or the United States, Purina says, and it’s spent the past 2 yrs designing kibble to prove it.

Councillors get in behind after panic more than carcass

A picture may be worth one thousand words but a photo of a lamb carcass left councillors momentarily left without words this week.

CREDIT trip turns into large deposit

An elderly Invercargill driver offers escaped injury after smashing the girl car through the front windows of the book store in the Glengarry Shopping Centre.

Are you currently a suppository of information?

The english language is a tricky language; we’re all doing a little malapropism or mispronunciation from time to time. Generally, it results in a few laughs, and we move on.

Lady died after kangaroo smashed through car windshield

Six-year-old Mia Quinnell died after a kangaroo crashed through the front windscreen of the car she was in, in Queensland, Australia.

Submission by Rik van Doorne. Thank you.

Dinosaur ' Pinocchio rex' discovered in Cina

Scientists have discovered a new kind of dinosaur related to the Tyrannosaur within China.

The particular dead zones: When not to post upon social media [infographic]

The Dead Zones-

Trying to find the top times to throw up the submit you hope will go viral?

SumAll has created graphics showing the times posts are most likely to crash and burn, as well as when they’ re most likely to garner interest in these two quick-and-easy infographics for your reference.

Happy publishing!



Via SumAll.

Like infographics? So do we.

Feature picture Photo credit: Fotolia, Graphics credit: Canva

Steve Delorean (designer of the Delorean DMC-12 “back to the future” car…

back-to-the-future-delorean-dmc12 John Delorean (designer of the Delorean DMC-12 “ back to the future” car) has been arrested for conspiracy to visitors narcotics, after being set up by FBI. Delorean was saved through prison after publisher Larry Flynt obtained and released tapes plus documents that proved his purity.

ten Hotel Secrets from Behind the Front Desk

(Image credit: Flickr user Curtis Perry)

Jacob Tomsky has worked on the front lines associated with hotels for more than a decade, starting like a lowly valet in New Orleans and ultimately landing at a front desk in New York City. He’ h also the author of Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir associated with Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Food and a man with some hospitality tips for spill.


The fact that a hotel can fail to be profitable astounds myself. Why? The average cost to turn over a room, to keep it operational per day, is between $30 and $40. In the event that you’ re paying less than $30 dollars a night at a hotel/motel, I’ d wager the cost to flip that room runs close to $5. Which makes me want to have a shower. At home. That $40 turnover cost includes cleaning supplies, electricity, and hourly wages for housekeepers, minibar attendants, front desk agencies, and all other employees needed to function a room as well as the cost of laundering the particular sheets. Everything. Compare that by having an average room rate, and you can understand why it’ s a profitable company.


(Image credit: Flickr user Chris)

The term “ walking a guest” sends shivers down any manager’ s spine. Since the average no-show rate is 10 percent daily, hotels will overbook whenever possible. The sales and reservations departments are encouraged to book the property to 110 percent capacity, in the hopes that with cancellations and no-shows they will fill every single room. What happens when the numbers online game doesn’ t play in the hotel’ s favor? Someone gets walked. The hotel will now pay for the entire night’ s room and taxes (plus one phone call— how cute is that? ) at an additional comparable hotel in the area.

A guest is more likely to get walked if:
1 . He booked using Expedia, hence he’s a deeply discounted rate and it is less important.
second . He never stayed here just before and may never visit the city once again.
3. He’ h a one-nighter.
four. And this one is so much more important than all the others: He is acting just like a jerk.


To put on the pillowcase, the housekeepers throw a great karate chop right down the middle of the particular pillow and then shove it in, folded like a bun. This method is preferred to the civilian method of tucking it under your chin and tugging up the pillowcase like a pair of trousers because these ladies have no interest in letting 50 pillows a day come into contact with their particular faces.


You know what cleans the heck out of a mirror, and I’ mirielle talking no streaks? Windex? No . Furniture polish. Spray on a dense white base, rub it in, and you’ ll be face-to-face with a spotless, streak-free mirror. Nevertheless , I am not recommending you take this tip and apply it in your own home. Though using furniture polish is fast and effective, over time it the waxy buildup that requires a serious scrub.

The housekeepers kept this move behind closed doors along with another dirty secret I didn’ t discover until I walked in on ladies with Promise in one hand and a minibar cup in the other. Keeping those glasses clean-looking was also part of the job. So the next time you put a little tap water to the glass and wonder why it offers a pleasant lemon aftertaste, it’ h because you just took a shot associated with Pledge.


(Image credit: Reddit user rick)

Minibars. Most people are appalled at the prices. Nevertheless , you never have to pay for the items in the minibar. Why not? Minibar charges are usually, without question, the most disputed fees on any bill. That is since the process for applying those fees is horribly inexact. Keystroke mistakes, delays in restocking, double stocking, and hundreds of other missteps create minibar charges the most voided product. Even before guests can manage to get by means of half of the “ I never ever had those items” sentence, I use already removed the charges and am now simply waiting for these to wrap up the overly zealous denial so we can both move on with the lives.


Reservations produced through Internet discount sites happen to be slated for our worst rooms. Will this seem unfair? First of all, all of us earn the slimmest profit from these reservations. And honestly, those visitors didn’ t really choose our property based on quality; they selected based on value. We were at the top of a list sorted by price. But the visitor behind them in line, the one with a large $500 rate, she selected this hotel. When she comes to New York, she goes to our website to find out what’ s available. Since we have no reason to assume Internet guests will ever book with us again, unless our discount is presented to them, it truly can make business sense to save our best areas for guests who book of their own volition.


(Image credit: Grant Cherrington)

Bernard Sadow: the man all bellmen hate, though they’ ve never heard his name. Within 1970, he invented the wheeled suitcase, the bane of the bellman’ s existence. Before that, the particular bellman was a necessity, a company of ease and comfort, a useful member of society. When Sadow sold his very first prototype to Macy’ s in October 1970, he instigated the catastrophic change in the hospitality atmosphere, causing the once noble species to retreat, rethink, and reemerge like a hustler fighting for survival. Sadow might as well have invented the phrase no bellman wants to hear, the particular phrase that leaves bills unpaid and ruins Christmas: “ Simply no, thanks, I got it. ” Or even that surprisingly prevalent and unaware phrase: “ I don’ t want to bother him. ” Don’ t want to bother him? The person has a family. No one is being bothered here!


Any emerging guest should receive what are referred to as initial keys, which are programmed to reset the door lock when they are usually first inserted, deactivating all earlier keys. Not until the keys run out or a new initial key enters the lock will the tips fail to work. With a “ important bomb, ” I cut one single initial key and then start over and cut a second initial key. Both of them will work when you get to the space, and as long as you keep using the very first important you slipped in, all is going to be well.

But chances are you’ ll pop in the second important at some point, and then the first key you used will be considered invalid. Track that back to me? Not a possibility. Trace that back to the fact that you told your 9-year-old daughter to shut her mouth while roughly ripping off her tiny backpack  at check-in? Never.


(Image credit: Reddit user Mark Belokopytov)

The following is one of the top lies that come away from a front desk agent’ h mouth: “ All the rooms are usually basically the same, sir. ”

Bull. There is always a corner room, a room with a bigger flat display, a room that, because of the building’ h layout, has a larger bath with two sinks, a room that matches two roll-aways with ease, a room that, though listed as standard, in fact has a partial view of the Hudson River. There is always a better room, so when I feel that 20 you slipped me burning in my pocket, I am going to find it for you. And if there is nothing to become done room-wise, I have a slew associated with other options: late checkout, free films, free minibar, room service facilities, and more. I will do whatever it takes to deserve the tip and then a little bit more in the hope that you’ ll hit me again.

Some people feel nervous about this move. Make sure you don’ t. We are authorized to upgrade for special occasions. The special event occurring now is that I have a solid 20. That’ s special enough for me!

The article above by Jacob Tompsky is from the June 2013 problem of mental_floss magazine. It is reprinted here with permission from mental_floss magazine.

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