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Selfie Crash Death

Last selfie

Last selfie

32-year-old Courtney Sanford died in head-on collision mere seconds after uploading pictures of their self and posting “The happy track makes me so HAPPY” to Facebook.

US Senator Richard Blumenthal has near-miss with train

A US Senator has been caught on camera having a near-miss with a speeding teach while speaking about the importance of rail commuter safety.

Ny Actually Has a Nightclub Service for Kids under Twelve

New York has got to be the coolest location for kids. First they opened a DJ school for babies, and now they’re welcoming kids into their nightclubs. Fuzipop is a new company that organizes these daytime dance parties pertaining to children aged 6 to twelve and their parents. The three-hour parties happen once a month at Manhattan’s most happening clubs. Entry expenses $20 for a parent and kid, and $60 for a family of four. And here’s the best part – the DJ is nine-year-old!

According to the official website, “Fuzipop is a series of events focused on the celebration of music, dance and neighborhood for the next generation of city children. This new generation has motivated us to provide a proper venue to allow them to experience what was once only available to a select few. ” Fuzipop states provide an answer to ‘all our kids exactly who constantly demand, ‘We want to have a dance party! ’’.

Fuzipop is the brainchild of a couple duo who also happen to be mom and dad, DJs and music executives. Jesse Sprague, who spent years doing work in nightclubs around New York, met Jenny Song while dancing at a membership. And when they had their first kid, they threw a big bash on one of the clubs where Jesse proved helpful. They invited almost all their club close friends along with their kids – the party was a huge hit and no one particular wanted to leave. “All the parents said they would pay to do this, so we made a business out of it, ” said Jesse.


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Newborn Kittens Shipped with Cargo

How did two kittens wind up in a box of fiberglass tools shipped from  L. A. in order to San Diego? No one knows, but they are now getting the best care available. The warehouse worker in Chula Vista opened the box and found 2 kittens with their umbilical cords nevertheless attached. They were taken to  the San Diego Humane Society, where they are under veterinary care.

While no one knows without a doubt how the kitties wound up on the partially, Humane Society Nurse Jenny Bonomini offered a plausible explanation in order to KGTV: “ What we think occurred was the mom had the children and she put them in a safe place … and she left. Then they got boxed up and they got delivered. ”

The particular kittens, now named Mouse plus Wifi, will be placed with a foster home and eventually adopted out.

(Image credit: Hillcrest Humane Society)

Tolerate with jar stuck on its head rescued near Sudbury

The black bear had to be tranquilized after it got its head trapped in a plastic container near Sudbury early Sunday morning.

Drone cam’s awesome footage of SpaceX launch & landing [video]

png (2)

We’ re quickly learning there’ s nothing like a drone just for buzzing right into the heart of the motion, and while we’ ve featured video footage of SpaceX’ s experiments with reusable rockets that are able to both pull off and land, this is the first time all of us get up close and personal one of these devices.

According to Mashable:

The importance of the particular successful test was highlighted by fact that Musk interrupted his Twitter stream of updates on the Friday SpaceX launch certain for the International Space Station to direct everyone’ s attention to the test footage.

Again, the exciting part about this technologies is that reusable rockets could considerably reduce the cost of space travel later on.

Anyone ready to ride coach to Mars?

Full story at Youtube . com via Mashable.

The continuing future of space travel.

Skip America: Don’t Suspend Teen More than Prom Invite

YORK, Pennsylvania. (AP) — Miss America is usually asking a Pennsylvania school region to reconsider the punishment of the senior who asked her to prom during the question-and-answer portion of a good assembly.

The York Dispatch reported Sunday ( that will Nina Davuluri posted a declaration on the Miss America Organization’s Fb page saying she contacted Central York High School to ask officials to rethink the three-day in-school suspension issued to 18-year-old Tanker Farves. Davuluri says her journey schedule will prevent her through attending the dance with Farves.

School officials understood Farves intended to ask her to prom and warned him never to do it. Fellow students cheered after that, but Farves was suspended intended for misbehaving.

He apologized for disrupting Thursday’s event. Davuluri was there to talk about the importance of science, technology, engineering and math studies.


Information from: The York Give,

On Valentine’s day 2014, an un-named man sabotaged a special screening…

On Valentine’ t day 2014, an unnamed man sabotaged a special screening of “ Beijing Love Story” by booking every odd seat in the theater, preventing couples from sitting with each other.

Vehicle Fire in Safari Park

Where would be the absolutely worst place for your car to catch open fire? In the lion enclosure of a drive-through safari. And that’ s what happened to Helen Clements and her two children when they visited Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, Britain.

Mrs Clements said she thought her vehicle had overheated when it stopped within the enclosure.

“Then essentially, we thought: ‘That’s not steam, that’s actually smoke’, ” the girl told BBC News.

“It was getting thicker and thicker and obviously coming into us, and then we saw flames. inch

She sounded her horn and both she and George opened their doors, just before rangers came running towards all of them.

“Unfortunately they were shouting to us: ‘Get back in the vehicle, do not get out of the car’, ” the girl added.

Her son ran out but she called him back and within moments, a ranger had pulled up in a automobile and got them out of the vehicle.

They could not see the lions at the time as other vehicles were in front of them.

The lions did not approach, because they are smart enough to find out fire when they see it. Still, it was a frightening incident. Rangers moved the lions out of the enclosure before medical personnel extinguished the flames. -via Arbroath

(Image credit: Ould – Lear)