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Man lost at sea while performing California beach baptism

(Reuters) – A man swept out to sea by seven-foot waves during a good oceanside baptismal ceremony in Ca on Sunday remained missing a day later as hopes faded he’d be found alive, officials said on Monday.

Firefighter rescues python from blaze

A US firefighter put his reptile-handling experience to good use when he rescued a two-metre long python from a burning house in western Michigan.


Maine man performs C-section on dead porcupine and saves baby

Evan Bleier
March 31 (UPI) — Maine man Jared Buzzell looking for valuable mineral deposit finds baby instead after slicing open stomach of dead porcupine.

The twin was born 34 min right after her brother, but because daylight…

LauraCirioli-small The twin was born 34 min right after her brother, but because daylight savings time switched, was really born 26 min before her brother.

In The Not So Distant Future, Bioluminescent Trees Could Replace Street Lights

According to Daan Roosegaarde, the future of art and design is awash along with spectacular innovation.

From giant vacuum cleaning systems aimed at eradicating smog to “smart” outfits that becomes translucent when the person is turned on, the Dutch artist/designer/architect has helped imagine some hair-raising projects that could propel us in to a new era of aesthetics.

His newest effort — a plan to replace light fixtures with bioluminescent plants — is not any letdown in comparison.

Roosegaarde is hoping to employ biomimicry to transform your average street-side trees and shrubs into beacons of light with regard to passersby. Like the luminescent abilities associated with jellyfish, mushrooms or fireflies, Roosegaarde, scientist Alexander Krichevsky and the State University of New York are all over the case, splicing DNA from luminescent marine bacteria with the chloroplast of the houseplant.

The smaller-scale, glow-in-the-dark specimens would act as the foundation for a project of greater amounts — light-emitting installations that appear like trees. “What happens when technology jumps out of the computer screen and becomes portion of the things that we wear and the roads that we drive on? ” Roosegaarde muses in the video above.

Watch the short clip to hear the artist speak read more about his ambitious plans and the reason he’s ventured to the United States to pursue his quest. Let us know your thoughts on the merging of nature plus technology in the comments.

h/t Dezeen

Cool weather mars butt bid (The West Australian)

Cracks appear in world record skinny-dipping attempt as effort bottoms out at Swanbourne.

Can Vader foil Putin’s plans?

THE Dark Lord of the Sith is stepping into politics to take control of Ukraine. And he’ s up against some evil competition.


Pupil sees the light with walking power

Mar. 30 – An Indian teenager has turned one of his running shoes into a mobile phone phone chrgr. Rajesh Adhikari’s device works by making use of energy generated through walking or even running, giving him a reliable source of power to keep his phone charged at all times. Jim Drury reports.

The particular CIA secretly pumped funds directly into abstract-expressionists…

The particular CIA secretly pumped funds directly into abstract-expressionists, such as Jackson Pollack plus Mark Rothko, in an attempt to make well-known American freedom and expression art in contrast to rigid Soviet art. As being a testament to how insanely effective this was, only just a couple weeks ago Russia’ ersus deputy prime minister laughed US sanctions off, saying he only appreciated 3 things about the US: Tupac, Ginsberg, Pollack.

Man cuts off own hand with a home made guillotine

A person from Devon, England, was so desperate to end his suffering after working many painful years with an injured hand that he did the unthinkable-he built a guillotine and stop his own hand.