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Maine bridge proves tougher than likely to demo

NEW SHARON, Maine (AP) — A century-old Maine bridge deemed in danger of collapsing demonstrated tougher than expected when the condition tried to demolish it.

Polish official in ‘Heil Hitler’ outburst quits party roles

WARSAW (Reuters) – A senior politician with Poland’s ruling party charged of drunkenly shouting “Heil Hitler! ” at a German customs officer apologized on Friday and walked down as head of their party’s group in the European parliament.

‘He’s a good, honest person’

The man who has won a mixture of bouquets and brickbats for building a makeshift houseboat on the Nelson foreshore is a good person who just wants to live quietly, a detailed friend says.


Shaun Gordon pranks doubting reporter in “Test Drive 2″ [video]


Jalopnik’ s Travis Okulski known as foul on Jeff Gordon regarding his supposedly fake prank drawn on a car salesman last year, Gordon, Pepsi Max and Travis’ friend Matt decided to have a little thrilling get some revenge.

Because Okulski described in a follow-up post:

I didn’ t get in the cab visualizing that Jeff Gordon is going to pick me up to prank me back again for a small amount of investigative reporting which i did a year ago because why would I? You’ d think that a felon wouldn’ t mention this individual was in prison for 10 years, yet who knows? I’ ve never experienced a car with a felon before. Throughout a police chase with said felon you don’ t first think “ oh, this is a prank and I’ ll be fine. ” P

No . It had been a normal day for me that turned into what I thought was going to be my last.

The moral of the story is, be prepared if you get on the wrong side of Gordon.

Complete story at Jalopnik and UNITED STATES Today.

Revenge in high gear.

Man’s super sized McDonald’s lawsuit

A MAN is suing McDonald’ s i9000 for US$1. 5 million after a restaurant in California gave your pet only one serviette with his meal.


Supahcute Science Fair, An Art Show Celebrating the Magic of Science at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland in Los Angeles

Felt Sculptures by Hiné Mizushima

Felt Sculptures by Hiné Mizushima

The Supahcute Science Reasonable is an upcoming group art display, curated by Hana Kim of Supahchute, at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland in Los Angeles celebrating the marvelous wonders of science. The artwork show will open Saturday, 03 8th, 2014 from 6 in order to 10 PM and run through 04 27th. You can RSVP for the occasion online via Facebook.

Supahcute Science Fair invited 12 artists to prove that art can be both fun and academic. The result is a group exhibition that will appeal to science geeks and artwork appreciators of all ages. When you combine artwork and science, you get magic!

Here is a list of the particular featured artists:

Enkyskulls, Genevieve Santos, Hiné Mizushima, Jared Andrew Schorr, Kit Lane, Leslie Levings, Lyla Warren, Eileen Fleming, Shing Yin Khor, TeslaCake, Tyler Parker, and Vanessa Ramirez.

Laboratory Glassware Chart by Michael Fleming

Laboratory Glassware Chart by Michael Fleming

Petri Dishes by Jared Andrew Schorr

Petri Dishes by Jared Andrew Schorr

Butterwinged Fairybug by Shing Yin Khor

Butterwinged Fairybug by Shing Yin Khor

by Genevieve Santos

Artwork by Genevieve Santos

Supahcute Science Fair

images via Supahcute and credited artists

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

11-year-old girl kills cougar that followed her 14-year-old brother home

Evan Bleier
TWISP, Wash., Feb. 28 (UPI) — 11-year-old Washington girl Shelby White killed an underweight cougar that was stalking her older brother.

Police Sgt. Uses Supersized Meals to Toughen Officers Up

Police Sgt. Uses Supersized Meals to Toughen Officers Up
An ex-police officer reportedly utilized a “ creative but no so humane” way of disciplining his subordinates. In Japan, an un-named police sergeant has stepped lower from his job after being taught off for forcing his workmates to binge on supersized foods. Since early 2010, this official visited four younger officers plus told them to eat […]

Author information

Genevieve Baxa
Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa is a college student living in the particular Philippines. She has a great passion on paper, especially in writing short stories. This particular unpredictable lady loves everything about East Asia. She is enthralled by the culture and fashion of these countries. She also loves everything about children; teaching them; taking care of all of them; and playing with them. In addition to that, Genevieve especially loves to go on Mission Outings and serving different kinds of people. Above everything else, she is a lady who worries her God.

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Ca Storm Brings New Worries To Drought-Plagued Region

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A strong Pacific storm has brought rain and snow to much of California but so far no major problems have been reported.

There have been numerous traffic accidents earlier Friday, but mudslides have not materialized in Southern California suburbs beneath fire-scarred hillsides. About 1, 500 homes in the cities of Glendora and Azusa were ordered evacuated Thursday in advance of the storm.

Rain is also reported upward through the central coast counties, in the San Francisco Bay region and in the Central Valley. Winter storm warnings are usually in effect in the Sierra Nevada designed for heavy snowfall.

The storm is expected to last into Saturday.

My Fitness Plan Includes Bacon!

Exercise to Bacon

What’ s better than exercising? Bacon!

My weekly fitness plan is simply going to be eating eggs plus bacon. I may not be the skinniest person out there, but I may become the happiest.

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