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Xiang Renxian Knits Sweater, Hat From Own Hair (PHOTO)

It might be cold in China, but at least hair sweater will keep her warm.

Xiang Renxian, 60, lately completed a hat and jacket knit from her own hair, the Global Times reported.

The retired teacher, who lives in the Chongqing, China, has been saving strands of her hair for 11 years, amassing 110, 000 strands. She said she would put aside the strands that fell out whilst she was brushing it, according to The Star’s translation of Chinese distribution Nanyang Siang Pau.

Post by Época NEGÓCIOS.

She started the project in part because she felt it was the simplest way to preserve her long, black locks, according to Shanghai Daily.

While the sweater is for her, the hat was a gift for her spouse in return for supporting her hair-knitting pastime. Lucky guy!

Furniture Ideas for Pet Lovers And Their Furry Friends

When we furnish our flats or homes, it’ s simple to forget our animal companions. Obtaining furniture just for your cat or dog could be a bit extreme, but most of these pieces of animal furniture are useful for both people and their pets.

Some of these pieces of animal furniture serve dual purposes. The rocking chair and dog house sofa, for example , both give your pet a cozy place to relax near their owner. Others, like the overhead kitty or fish tunnels, are probably a lot more useful/fun for pets rather than people. However , they might make your house animals happier by making their home environment a lot more dynamic. Cats especially love restricted spaces to hide and crawl about in, so it seems like they might enjoy some of these pieces.

The majority of the furniture provides pets with comfy places to rest, but some, like the cat walkways or the dog bowls, give them functional advantages as well.

  1 . Cat-Friendly Modular Bookshelf

Designed by  Corentin Dombrecht

2 . Dog House Sofa

Designed by Seungji Munei

3. Cat Grass Table

Designed by Emily Wettstein

4.   Indoor Dog House

Image credits: unknown

5. Pet and Person Rocking Chair

Designed by Paul Kweton

6. Cat Tube Sofa

Designed by Seungji Mun

7.   Cat Transit System

Designed by  becausewecan. org

8. Wall Family pet Beds

Designed by Akemi Tanaka

9.   The Kittyloft

Designed by uhuru

10.   Pipeline Fish Tank

Image credits: The particular Contaminated

11. Coffee Table Hammock

Designed by  Koichi Futatsumata

12. Bedroom Table/Dog House

Designed by madshome

13. Cat Transit System

Designed by Asahi Kasei

14. Dog House/Fort

Image credits: unknown

15.   Outdoor Catwalk

Image credits: nekomomo

16. Cat Crib Hammock

Designed by  catcrib. possuindo

17. Planter/Animal House

Designed by  Jardin Chic

18. All-In-One Cat Restroom

Designed by  elipsdesign. com

19. Kitchen Dog Bowls

Designed by artisankitchensinc. com

20. Radiator Cat Mattress

Available at amazon. com

21. Overhead Cat Playgrounds With Walkways



Designed by  goldtatze. com

Furniture Ideas for Family pet Lovers And Their Furry Friends originally appeared on Bored Panda on January 31, 2014.

History Channel rolls out genius ad campaign [video]

Screenshot 2014-01-29 21.25.39

The History Channel has an clever campaign in which they superimpose traditional images over the modern world. Have a look at this one, for example , of the Berlin Walls:

Or the Hindenburg:

Full tale at Toxel.

A lot more cool history.

The Puppy Bowl celebrates 10 years associated with fluffy football fun

January. 30 – Puppies from animal shelters around the U. S. compete within the 10th annual Puppy Bowl within New York City. Tara Cleary reports.

This is the way you ground a ferry

It was a spot on the shore too tight to park in, but nothing a high speed approach couldn’t fix.


Could they be loco? All aboard the trash train

China’s trains have got turned into moving trash cans, as millions head home for the Brand new Year holidays.


Heroin Happy Meal? Fast food worker sold drugs in drive-thru: cops

Would you like fries with that? How about some heroin? Police in Pittsburgh, Pa., state a drive-thru employee at a McDonald’s was caught selling heroin in the Happy Meal box.

Neatolinks: The Dark One Has Risen -on Your Wall

Are You Ready to Study Beyonce (Incredible Things)

Obama Reading Minecraft Fanfic (Topless Robot)

Cthulhu Wallpapers? Need! (Unreality Mag)

In Space, No One Can Hear Flies Scream (Geekosystem)

Picture: Karma Karma Karma X-Ray Chameleon (Like Cool)

Whenever NASA concluded that a “doughnut-si …

mystery-rock-mars-rover-small Whenever NASA concluded that a “ doughnut-sized” object that appeared mysteriously just before its Opportunity rover on Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) was actually an errant rock, it left some people dissatisfied: A lawsuit brought against the Agency alleges NASA not only failed to adequately investigate the object, but that it is biological in nature.

Ranea Crabtree Wants To Legally Change Name To ‘Sexy’

Ranea Crabtree doesn’t like her first name. So much so that she refuses to utilize it.

In fact , if her 15-year-old daughter, Bethany, uses the particular dreaded name, she gets grounded, according to the Toronto Sun.

For the record, Crabtree’s first name is Sheila, (“Ranea” is her middle name) but it may not be to get much longer. She is petitioning a courtroom in Licking County, Ohio, for your right to adopt a first name she thinks is more suitable: “Sexy. ”

“I do wear a lot of Victoria’s Secret clothing and my husband calls me attractive all the time, ” Crabtree told Fox19. com. “I really want to do Sexy because it’s kinda’ like the personality. I just love to be adventurous types of, have fun and do all kinds of things. ”

Did we point out she really hates her birth name?

“It’s one of those names that I can’t stand. I hate the fact that I have been cursed from it, ” she told the station. “My mom gave me my center name of Ranea and my father gave me my ugly name. ”

Other than dealing with exactly what seem to be unresolved family issues, Crabtree has taken all the steps needed for the name change, including filling out a form, paying out the $87 court fee and a 30-day notice in a local document.

The final step comes Feb. 11 when she will stand in front of a Licking County judge to formerly ask to change her name to “Sexy” once and for all.

Legal experts tell the Columbia Dispatch the odds are Crabtree’s name change will be approved, but she actually is planning an alternative strategy, just in case.

“If it’s not Sexy, i quickly might go for Sparkle, ” she told the paper.