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Jay Shells Posts Famous Rap Estimates Around Los Angeles In Clever Road Art Project

Get excited, California. Because artist Jay Shells has taken to Los Angeles with his smart guerrilla street sign installation, “Rap Quotes. ”

New York art blog ANIMAL followed Shells as he cruised along the hand tree-lined streets of the Pacific coast city, placing his bright orange colored signs along the way. The declarations screen quotes from famous hip hop musicians like Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Warren G, and Notorious B. I actually. G., and are appropriately placed in the precise location the lyric calls away.

Take, for instance , Warren G’s quote, “So I actually hooks a left on 2-1 and Lewis, some brothers capturing dice so I said ‘let’s do that, ‘” which can be seen on the corner of Lewis and 21st. Or even Xzibit’s line, “Down La Cienega to bust a left on Venice where you can find me and mine, ” which can of course be found at the corner of La Cienega and Venice.

The project aims to celebrate the particular roots of some of these artists and also the cities that produce them. Shells previously took “Rap Quotes” to New York City, so we’re anxious to see which locale gets “signed” next. Feel free to speculate in the comments.

Selfie, twerk top annoying words list

A US university has issued its annual list of annoying words, and those flexible enough to take selfies of themselves twerking need to take note.


This season will be different!


Or not. Whatever. Delighted New Year now go away, I’ m busy.

Controversial Idaho hunting contest ends with no wolves killed

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – A controversial hunting contest in Idaho targeting wolves and coyotes has ended with almost two dozen coyotes killed but no wolves shot, though rancor over the event remains undiminished.

European Ice Cream Vendor Subjects His Clients to Countless Tricks

Customers of this Turkish ice cream vendor in Turki must endure a succession of tricks and stunts before they could get their ice cream. Judging by the many “ turkish ice cream man” videos on the Internet, there are many such vendors in Turkey and abroad.

video via MillerTural

through Boing Boing

Eagles Fan Mr. G Gets QUITE Excited After His Team’s Make an impression on The Cowboys (VIDEO)

If you think you get excited about football, you haven’t met this Eagles fan.

After waiting his change during a series of ABC 6 interviews in South Philadelphia, one Eagles fan – nicknamed Mr. Gary the gadget guy – was asked “how are you currently feeling? ” His response had been… special.

The wig-wearing Eagles fan went on some kind of rap-rant-celebration speech about his team’s victory over the Cowboys that clinched the NFC East title.

Thankfully, ABC acquired the cameras running to capture it all on tape.


NEW YORK man owns record 11, 500 video games

New York man Erina Thomasson holds the Guinness globe record for the largest collection of video gaming – but he hasn’t played them all.


Take a Look inside a $11. 5 Million Doomsday-Proof House

Easily had a house like this, maybe We wouldn’t mind an end-of-the-world type scenario at all. I’m talking about a 4, 200 sq . ft. estate located in Yellow Jacket, a deserted town in Colorado, U. H. I call it a mansion just for its interiors. From the outside, it looks every bit like the disaster-ready, Armageddon-proof home that it’s supposed to be.

The walls of this house are made of reinforced concrete and are lined with thick steel. This makes the construction so strong that it has been declared ‘nuclear rated’ by its on the internet listing on Curbed. com. From the outside, it seems like a desolate and uninteresting building in the middle of nowhere, but inside it’s a luxury home, complete with designer furniture and beautiful interiors. The only proof that the house is a ‘luxury survival bunker’ are the overhead steel air ducts that traverse virtually every room. The ducts are meant to close up in the case of emergencies, like if the air flow gets contaminated from a gas drip.


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An average cloud weighs 216 thousand pou …

clouds An average cloud weighs 216 thousands of pounds. An average storm cloud weighs in at 105. 8 million pounds.

Really whenever I get up is “too early. ”

Alarm Clock

It doesn’ t matter the time, the day, or maybe the season, it’ s always too early to get out of bed.