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Unexplainable Illness In Las Vegas Afflicts Dozens Of Youth Football Players, Parents (VIDEO)

A mysterious illness swept through a Las Vegas youth football tournament previously this week, leaving dozens of players and parents ill.

Local news agencies approximated anywhere between 40 and 80 people became sick with the unknown frustrate earlier this week while in town for that National Youth Football Championships. Those afflicted all reported flu-like symptoms, according to NBC affiliate KSNV.

“As associated with now there are nine teams confirming illness and three of those groups are from Las Vegas, ” Mr. bieber Gates, an officials with the corporation that’s running the tournament, informed KSNV in a phone call. “We 1st thought it was an illness spread on the team weign-in on Wednesday, however the three Las Vegas teams weighed within on Tuesday. We now think it may just be a flu-like illness growing in Western states. It’s difficult to tell because many of the teams traveled up to 48 hours on a bus to get to Las Vegas and that could have managed to get easy to spread the bug. inch

The sickness first came to the attention of regulators Friday morning, when the Clark Region Fire Department responded to distress calls at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino, per KSNV.

“We have 18 people, five adults and the relaxation children between 7 and nine years of age, who were transported by Rio de janeiro shuttles to two area hospitals” CCFD Deputy Chief Fernandez Leary told the station. “The symptoms are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. ”

Parents and coaches of the affected players said they just wanted to understand what was causing the illness, reports local ABC affiliate KTNV.

“I was very scared because I really didn’t know what was going on, ” Alastair Jones, coach of the Santa Monica Vikings Tiny Mites and parent of a 7-year-old son who was sick and tired, told KTNV.

“We just want to figure out what it is, ” parent of another sick child Annalisa Johnson said, per KTNV. “We’re just scared because we how to start what it is. ”

Fox affiliate Fox5 also talked with Johnson, who told all of them around 40 people from her league were sick, and an extra 40 others from different leagues had become ill as well.

Meanwhile, the particular Jorge Viote, Public Information Officer for that Southern Nevada Health District, guaranteed Fox that his team will be conducting an investigation.

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Pastor Present

Declare: New pastor secretly poses as homeless man, then reveals himself to unsympathetic congregants.

Instance: [Collected via e-mail, July 2013]

Pastor Jeremiah Steepek (pictured below) transformed himself right into a homeless person and went to the 10, 000 member church which he was to be introduced as the mind pastor at that morning. This individual walked around his soon to become church for 30 minutes while it was filling up with people for service…. only 3 people out of the 7-10, 000 people said hello to him. He asked people for change to buy food… NO ONE in the church gave him alter. He went into the sanctuary in order to sit down in the front of the cathedral and was asked by the ushers if he would please sit within the back. He greeted people to end up being greeted back with stares and dirty looks, with people looking down on him and judging him.

As he sat in the back of the church, he listened to the cathedral announcements and such. When all that had been done, the elders went up and were excited to introduce the newest pastor of the church to the members…. “We would like to introduce to you Pastor Jeremiah Steepek”… The congregation looked around clapping with joy and anticipation….. The homeless man seated in the back stood up… and started walking down the aisle… the clapping stopped with ALL eyes upon him…. he walked up the church and took the microphone from your elders (who were in upon this) and paused for a second…. then he recited

“Then the King will say to all those on his right, ‘Come, you that are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you because the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me. ‘ Then the righteous will certainly answer him, ‘Lord, when do we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give a person something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and request you in, or needing clothing and clothe you? When do we see you sick or within prison and go to visit a person? ‘

“The Ruler will reply, ‘Truly I inform you, whatever you did for one of the minimum of these brothers and sisters of mine, a person did for me. ‘”

After he recited this, he looked towards the congregation and informed them all what he had experienced that will morning… many began to cry and lots of heads were bowed in shame… he then said… Today I see a gathering of people… not a church associated with Jesus Christ. The world has sufficient people, but not enough disciples… whenever will YOU decide to become disciples? Then he dismissed service until next week… As being a Christian is more than something you claim. It’s something you live by and share with others.

Origins: This tale in regards to a pastor who goes “undercover” like a homeless man is reminiscent of a good urban legend based on the true story of an experiment conducted for a social psychology class at Princeton College in 1970, in which seminary learners were sent on urgent assignments designed to take them past an acting professional posing as a person in need of assistance. Researchers measured whether (and how) students interrupted their pressing duties to render help, and analyzed the results.

In the story reproduced above, the actor representing a homeless man is no psychology researcher, however — he’s Jeremiah Steepek, the new head pastor of the very large

church. After spending half an hour incognito in his new church prior to services and finding that only a very few congregants would certainly even return his greeting (much less respond to his pleas for cash to buy food), he reveals themself to his new flock and delivers to them a lesson within Christian compassion.

But regarding this particular version of the “incognito clergyman” tale, it appears to be a fabricated story. No one has yet identified a genuine pastor by the name of Jeremiah Steepek (or a similar variant of that name) or found any cathedral, large or small, headed with a pastor with that name. Nor offers anyone been able to verify the big event described, even though it was supposedly observed by several thousand congregants.

Additionally , the photograph associated with “Pastor Jeremiah Steepek” that comes with the online version of this story is usually complete unrelated to the narrative: is in reality a picture of an unidentified homeless man snapped by photographer Brad J. Gerrard in Richmond (London):

I was walking down the street in Richmond, saw this man talking to someone, could see he was quite a image in the making. On the way back, whenever he was free I had a short conversation with the gentleman and he agreed to let me photograph him. I liked the result. He was very helpful.

Although this particular narrative in regards to a Pastor Jeremiah Steepek may be a good invented one, the gist from the tale was expressed in some real-life incidents that took place in 2013. In June 2013, the Revolution. Willie Lyle, the newly-appointed pastor of the Sango United Methodist Chapel in Clarksville, Tennessee, spent four and a half days living in the roads in the guise of a homeless man. He then transformed back into his part as pastor as he delivered a sermon:

In a dream, God informed Willie that he needed to live on the streets of Clarksville as a destitute and hungry person. He questioned Willie to experience firsthand just what it was like to have nothing — no home, no money, no friends, no food on even a semi-regular schedule, no nothing.

Pastor Willie’s wife, Suzette, dropped him off in downtown Clarksville early Monday morning, June 17, and he lived on the street through the morning of Friday, June 21. In those four and a half days, he learned a good deal about the homeless, the working poor who face hunger daily and the ones in need of spiritual and emotional assist. It was not comfortable.

Early morning on June 23, Willie lay under a tree on the cathedral lawn covered up by a large overcoat. He still had not shaved or combed his hair. This individual wondered how many people would strategy him and offer him food, or perhaps a place to sit inside an air conditioned room, or just see how they could assist. Twenty people spoke to your pet and offered some type of assistance.

While he preached, his daughter-in-law cut his curly hair and his daughter helped shave off his scruffy beard. He transformed shoes, and beneath the overcoat, he was wearing his Sunday clothing. He put on a tie great suit coat, all the while continuing in order to preach his message. Before the two hundred people gathered that morning, he went from looking like a destitute person to the new pastor from the congregation.

The particular sermon title was “The Least Used Parts of the Body” and based on I Corinthians 12: 12-15. Based on Pastor Lyle, “Often the least utilized parts of the body are the ones that mean one of the most, like our heart and brain. We need to understand that there are no little or least used parts in the body of Christ.

“Too many of us only want to assist God one hour each week. That doesn’t reduce it. That is not God’s plan. “

Similarly, in November 2013 Mormon bishop David Musselman posed as a homeless man and interacted with congregants outside a Taylorsville, Utah, church
before services one Sunday:

Members of a Mormon congregation in a Salt Lake Town suburb encountered someone they thought was a homeless man at cathedral on Sunday. What they did not know was the man was a bishop for that Church of Jesus Christ associated with Latter-day Saints.

At least 5 people asked David Musselman in order to leave the church property within Taylorsville, some gave him cash and most were indifferent.

He said he disguised himself as a homeless man to teach his congregation a lesson about compassion. To make his appearance more convincing, he contacted a Salt Lake City makeup artist in order to transform his familiar face to that particular of a stranger not even his familyrecognized.

“The primary thing I was trying to get across had been we don’t need to be so fast to judge, ” Musselman said.

He received diverse reactions to his appearance in church, he said.

“Many actually went out of their way to purposefully ignore me, and they also wouldn’t even make eye contact, ” he said. “I’d approach them and say, ‘Happy Thanksgiving. ‘ Many of them I wouldn’t ask for any food or any kind of money, and their failure to even acknowledge me getting there was very surprising. “

Bishop Musselman told just his second counselor that he will be disguised as a homeless man. The particular bishop purposefully walked to the front side of the chapel and sat within the front row at the beginning of sacrament meeting. After his counselor’s talk, the bishop had his counselor lean forward over the stand and he requested through a whisper if he could state a few words.

We all also note that the plot of this anecdote is somewhat similar to a good episode from the opening of In His Steps: What Might Jesus Do? , a best-selling 1897 book by Charles Monroe Sheldon (which features a real jobless man shaming a congregation and their pastor for their lack of compassion towards him, rather than a pastor pretending to be jobless in order to test his congregation):

The main character is the Rev. Henry Maxwell, pastor of the First Chapel of Raymond, who challenges their congregation to not do anything for the whole year without first inquiring: “What Would Jesus Do? “

The novel begins on the Friday morning when a man unemployed appears at the front door of Henry Maxwell while the latter is preparing for that Sunday’s upcoming sermon. Maxwell listens to the man’s helpless request briefly before brushing him away and closing the door. The same man appears in church at the end of the Sunday sermon, walks up to “the open space in front of the pulpit, ” and faces the people. No one stops him. He quietly but frankly confronts the congregation — “I’m not complaining; just stating facts” — about their compassion, or apathetic lack thereof, for the jobless like him. Upon finishing their address to the congregation, he collapses, and dies a few days later.

That next Sunday, Henry Maxwell, deeply moved by events of the past week, gifts a challenge to his congregation: “Do not do anything without first asking, ‘What would Jesus perform? ‘” This challenge is the style of the novel and is the generating force of the plot. From this point upon, the rest of the novel consists of certain episodes that focus on individual characters because their lives are transformed by the challenge.

Last up-to-date: 30 Nov 2013

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Dinosaur skeleton sells for $721, 500

A rare full skeleton of a huge diplodocus dinosaur has sold in Britain for $A721, 000, an auction
house says.

Nicknamed Misty, the 150-million-year-old fossil had been bought to go on public display, stated Summers Place Auctions in Billingshurst, southern England, on Thursday.

The female skeleton, found in the united states state of Wyoming by the young sons of a famed dinosaur hunter, carried an estimate of $A721, 500 to A$1. 08 million.

Spokesman Rupert van dieser Werff said it was a “truly tremendous object”.

“It has been an awful lot of work plus a very exciting project, and to lastly get to this final conclusion, we are delighted, ” he said.

“I can’t tell you who bought it but it is going on public screen. ”

The 17-metre-long, six-metre-high dinosaur is one of few full diplodocus skeletons found up to now.

Misty was found in 2009 when US dinosaur hunter Raimund Albersdoerfer, who had been taking part in a good excavation at a privately owned pull in Wyoming, sent his kids Benjamin and Jacob to dig in an area nearby.

He was astonished when they came back at the end of the day to say they had found an enormous bone.

Nine days later Misty had been dug out. She has since been restored in a laboratory in the Netherlands.

Known by the Latin name Diplodocus Longus, the iconic plant-eating dinosaur was one of the largest animals to get ever walked the earth.

Full diplodocus skeletons are so rare that even the famous “Dippy” in London’s Natural History Museum is actually a plastercast drawn from two different skeletons.

Want To Buy A Shrunken Head? Now You Can

shrunken heads for sale

NEW YORK (AP) — Where’s a Black Friday shopper to turn for a nineteenth century vampire-killing kit?

Believe it or not, the item can be part of the Black Friday madness in the Ripley’s Times Square Odditorium. It is going to set you back about $25, 000.

At a little more than $19, 000 a shrunken head is a comparative bargain.

Or the innovative gift-giver might prefer a taxidermy Albino giraffe. The price tag is about $1. 7 million. Gift-wrapping is not included.

Still got tons of room under the Christmas forest — and about $2. 5 million to spare? Your loved one might be clamoring for 18th century, iron-clad elephant armor from India.

Already shopped away? No problem. The “featured collection” has been offered until Dec. 24.



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    Your guinea pig no longer has to be a good outsider at Christmas thanks to this particular < a href=”” target=”_blank”> Santa claus Claus costume< /a> that fits snugly around his tiny torso. If your pet rodent could talk, he might say, “This outfit does not make me look silly. ” Then again, he might not.

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  • Lightercase Resized

    So far, iphone cover have only been good for safeguarding phones. Now thanks to this < a href=”” target=”_blank”> built-in smoke lighter, < /a> they can furthermore slowly contribute to your lung malignancy and emphysema by allowing you to feed your nicotine addiction without fumbling for lighters. However , be careful to hold the case when texting. Ouch! <>

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  • Inflatable Santa Suit

    Anybody can be jolly St . Nick using this < a href=”” target=”_blank”> blow up Santa suit. < /a> Within the suit is a fan that sucks in air from the outside and fills up the costume. However , the fan can get noisy and drown out the “Ho ho hos. ”

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    Ugly Christmas sweaters are so 2010. Now today’s holiday hipsters are wearing < a href=”” target=”_blank”> pants that get in the Christmas spirit< /a> by showing Santa vomiting. In order to quote Tiny Tim: “God bless us everyone. ”

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    Here’s the great thing about the particular < a href=”” target=”_blank”> Vino Vault< /a>: The wine can’t be utilized until someone solves the problem. Here’s the problem: The wine can’t be utilized until someone solves the problem. This is the cruelest gift you can give a boozehound.

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    Supposedly, this < a href=”” target=”_blank”> device< /a> uses light to remove odor from shoes. If you keep this out where guests can see it, you’ll also lose their respect.

  • Oy Vey Bandana

    When guinea pigs can dress such as Santa, than surely dogs may celebrate Channukah. Any dog that wears this bandana, only available with Petco stores, is truly a erdenbürger.

  • Santa claus Shorts

    When unpleasant sweaters became retro-ironic, people needed to move down the body to find brand new ways to be fashionably offensive. That isn’t a lump of coal hiding under< a href=”” target=”_blank”> these types of shorts, < /a> but it might as well be considering all the things wrong with them.

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    Carrying around tissues is a hassle and potentially messy. Is actually so much more socially acceptable to clean your snot on a < a href=”htp: //” target=”_blank”> modified legwarmer that fits on your arm. < /a> Wait! It’s not? Darn, somebody didn’t get the memo.

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    < a href=”” target=”_blank”> Ugly holiday sweaters< /a> aren’t just limited to Christmas themes. This Chrismukkah sweater is perfect for your multi-religion celebrations. Even better, it will burn efficiently whether put in a fireplace or over a menorah.

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    Holiday cooking presents a challenge: How can you stuff your face with something you’re ostensibly producing for others. < a href=”” target=”_blank”> The Nibble < /a> cooking pan solves one part of that problem by giving bakers a chance to trial the product without digging into the dessert. The other solution, of course , is getting reduce those annoying friends so you can just bake for yourself.

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    Hanukkah is an important Jewish holiday that celebrates a miracle where candles burned for eight days when there was only enough essential oil for one. The < a href=”” target=”_blank”> Shmaltz Brewing Company< /a> toasts this miracle with 8 crazy beers turned into a menorah. Mazeltov!

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    Jetskis are fine for the earthbound, but the < a href=”” target=”_blank”> Flyboard< /a> is for those who want to soar over water. It attaches to a Jet Ski through a 65-foot line and the power of the Jet Ski propels water out of the device. Customers can fly more than 30 feet in the air. Hopefully, they come down ultimately (and so will the $6, 000 price tag).

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    Assuming the the walking dead do kill us all, it makes sense to leave a will. The < a href=”” target=”_blank”> zombie wills < /a> arrive via DeadEx and allow you to leave everything vital that you your loved ones, assuming they too don’t get attacked by the undead.

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    For too long, < a href=”” target=”_blank”> earbuds< /a> have got only done one thing: Transferred music from a sound device directly to the particular ear. Now, they have another purpose: creeping people out. The world’s a better place.

  • Ostrich Pillow

    Need to avoid the world yet can’t leave the desk? The particular < a href=”” target=”_blank”> Ostrich Pillow< /a> allows you to block out the world long enough for a cat nap. If you fail to see anything, it’s not really happening, right?

  • Sexy Elf Costume

    Do you want to turn on your sweetie and also have a misguided idea on how to do so? Well, this < a href=”” target=”_blank”> sexy elf costume< /a> will allow you to attract the attention of Santa’s north pole in a way that won’t create him call you a “ho ho ho. “

  • Meat Socks

    A lot of deli meats smell such as dirty feet, now these clothes let feet< a href=”” target=”_blank”> look like deli meats. < /a> This is progress?

  • Shark Laser Pointer

    Perhaps the coolest< a href=”” target=”_blank”> laser pointer < /a> ever made. The people you give this particular to will want to show it to everyone — including those fliers flying overhead. Maybe that’s not recommended.

  • Mullet Wigs

    Absolutely nothing says holiday cheer like a < a href=”” target=”_blank”> mullet wig. < /a>
    Business in front, Christmas party in back.

  • Holiday Grumpy Cat

    It is difficult to buy for Internet geeks given that most of what they want is free on the web. Still, even the pickiest meme fan will appreciate a < a href=”″ target=”_blank”> painting of Grumpy Cat< /a> sharing his distinctive brand of holiday cheer.

  • Grass-covered Flip-flops

    In many parts of the country, it could too cold to wear flip-flops and snow is covering the grass lawns. Yet < a href=”” target=”_blank”> Kusa Shoes< /a> can help remind you of summer when you’re stuck inside during a snowstorm.

  • Turkey & Stuffing Candle

    Nothing says vacations like a turkey roasting in the oven. The turkey and stuffing candle tries to mimic that smell to odorously unsatisfactory results. However , nobody really lights up a < a href=”” target=”_blank”> turkey-scented candle. < /a> Just keep telling yourself it’s just for show.

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UK man throws out hard drive that contains $7. 5 million in bitcoins

A Uk IT worker has launched the frantic search of a landfill web site after realising he accidentally threw away a computer drive holding $7. 5 million (5. 5 mil euros) in the online currency bitcoin.

James Howells, 28, obtained 7, 500 bitcoins last year when the currency was virtually worthless. Its value has since jumped, with a single bitcoin hitting $1, 000 for the first time on Tuesday.

Howells left hard drive in a drawer for several years, and threw it away earlier this year with no second thought.

To his horror, he then realised what it had contained — and that he would be a millionaire, if he could just find it.

He now faces the prospect of a painstaking quest through a massive landfill site in the home city of Newport, Wales, he or she told BBC television on Thursday.

“When I went to the end the manager took me up to the present landfill site and when I saw this — it’s about the size of a football field — my 1st thought was ‘no chance’, ” he said.

“The manager explained that things that were sent to landfill three or four months back could be three to five feet (1. 5 metres) deep.

“He confirmed my worst fears whenever he said that. ”

Large-scale searches of the landfill web site — including those for law enforcement evidence — usually involve up to 20 workers with digging apparatus and dogs, he added.

“The truth is, I haven’t got the funds or capability to make that happen at the moment with no definite pay cheque at the end of this, ” Howells said.

He told the BBC he or she forgot about the bitcoin stash because he was “distracted by family life and moving house”.

The hard drive was thrown out between mid-June and August, he feels.

He has checked all of his back-up files without achievement.

Launched in 2009 because the invention of a mysterious computer master who goes by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoins can be exchanged on the internet for real money or used to buy goods and services on the Internet.

The currency is not regulated by any kind of government.

German policeman held for death of man he met on cannibal website

(Reuters) – A German policeman has been arrested after the chopped-up body of a man he met on a fetishist website for cannibalism was found buried in his garden, police in the eastern city of Dresden said on Friday.

“The victim had been fantasizing about being killed and eaten by someone else since his youth,” Dresden police chief Dieter Kroll told a news conference. It was not immediately clear whether any act of cannibalism had taken place.

The investigation recalled the case of Armin Meiwes, dubbed the “Cannibal of Rothenburg”, who killed and ate a man who had advertised on the Internet for someone to kill him “and leave no trace”. Meiwes, who filmed the act, received a life sentence in 2006.

Dresden police said the suspect was a 55-year-old who worked as a technical expert in the criminal investigation department. The victim was identified only as a 59-year-old man from Hanover and the case was being treated as murder, they said.

(Reporting by Stephen Brown; Editing by Mark Trevelyan)

Proper place, Right Time, Police In Bank Catch Robbery Suspects In The Work

Police said several banks were hit between Nov. 16 plus 18. A man in each case presented a note to tellers demanding money.

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Police Blotter

Hiroshi Nishizaki, 46, was arrested in Osaka, Japan, in May and accused of causing damage of the equivalent of about $5, 500 by pouring pee on a neighbor’s house on 169 occasions, because it was blocking Nishizaki’s view.

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Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper was arrested in July 1975 in Taos, New Mexico after causing a traffic accident and fleeing the scene.

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Cell Block 8

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Beer pong video wins competition

Harry Wright plus Jonny Fletcher show off the beer pong trick shots.

Win a drinking game and you usually stay relatively sober. Bastardise one and you win a trip in order to New York.

Wellington flatmates Harry Wright and Jonny Fletcher, both 22, this afternoon won an international ”trick shot” video competition and will be away to New York as a result some time the coming year.

They filmed a collection of their skills in the ”sport” of beer-pong, which involves throwing a ping-pong ball into a paper cup from increasingly difficult distances.

Their own video culminates in a miracle shot from the top of a seven-storey Wellington car park into a cup on the bottom part floor.

It is an extension of the drinking game, rarely seen outdoors student flats.

But since they last week entered the competition on sports channel ESPN, called ”trick-shot your path to the NBA”, it has been viewed a lot more than 335, 000 times and gathered 2569 votes.

Voting closed this afternoon.

It’s closest competitor had 1383 votes.

The particular five leading videos went to the panel, which took virtually no time in order to chose the winner.

Winners obtain two tickets to New York for a basketball game.

After taking top slot in votes this afternoon – but before the judging board had decided – Wright mentioned while ”you can never count your chickens before they hatch” they would both like to visit New York.

”Everyone I talk to says actually is unbelievable. ”

On winning, he said it was ”pretty surreal”. While there would be a few celebratory beverages at the flat tonight it would be relatively quiet as he has a cricket go with tomorrow morning.

He came from a big cricketing family.

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Teen credits musical talent to mind injury

Lachlan Connors

UNINTENTIONAL GENIUS: Screenshot of Lachlan Connors.

A Co teenager who suffered a mind injury could be the latest to join an exclusive group of accidental geniuses.

Lachlan Connors wanted to be a professional lacrosse player, but a series of concussions quashed that dream and provided another, unexpected, outlet of talent: music.

Connors, 17, sustained several head injuries while playing soccer at intermediate, which resulted in epileptic seizures. Doctors did not know what had been triggering the fits, and after days in hospital, Connors began to recuperate.

Banned from contact sports activities, he filled his time selecting chords and melodies on the cello. He found he could play effortlessly – not just the piano – but also the banjo, ukulele, accordion, mandolin and a host of some other instruments.

His mother, Elsie Hamilton, said Connors showed simply no musical ability as a child, and had by no means learnt to read music.

Right now, he can “pick up an instrument and within five minutes, he’s playing this, ” she informed ABC News .

While wearing a concussion unlock a hidden affinity might seem far-fetched, experts have mentioned it is possible.

Dr Spyridon Papadopoulos told CBS4 it was as if Connors’ concussions turned on a new part of their brain.

“The thought is really a theory – that this was a talent lying latent in his brain and somehow was uncovered by their brain rewiring after the injury. inch

Dr Michael DeGeorgia, movie director of the Centre for Neurocritical Treatment and a professor of neurology in the Case Western Reserve University College of Medicine in Cleveland, informed ABC News patients who have particular brain injuries, such as strokes, can sometimes develop sudden artistic ability throughout recovery.

One hypothesis regarding sudden artistic ability has to do with the frontal lobe, which normally helps control inhibition. DeGeorgia said that when that part of the brain was broken, it could lead to a “disinhibition” that might result in the person discovering a new curiosity or talent.

Another similar case occurred in Washington state if a man became a mathematical professional after he was violently mugged.

Following his concussion, Jason Padgett developed an obsession along with numbers, geometry, and fractals – complex mathematical diagrams.

Medical specialists call him an “acquired savant” – a person who within compensation for an injury has developed deep abilities.

It is estimated thirty people worldwide have Acquired Savant Syndrome.

These people are otherwise normal until they suffer a brain trauma and suddenly develop almost-superhuman abilities – an exciting prospect which has scientists investigating whether such potential lies in all of us.

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Motorist corralled watching Lone Ranger

Evidently one Alberta man just didn’t want to wait to get where he was going to take a look at Disney’s The Lone Ranger.