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The Geography of Horror, An Interactive Map of Famous Horror Movie Locations

The Geography of Horror

Esri has created “The Geography of Horror,” an interactive world map that plots the geographical locations of over 200 top-rated horror movies. The map can also be sorted by decade, filtering out locations from films in the 60s, 80s, and more. Head over to “The Geography of Horror” to explore the map for yourself.

image via The Geography of Horror

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‘Cock block’ wins architecture award

Nelson’s most recent public toilets, known locally as the “Cock block”, have been honoured for architectural design.

The 1903 Square toilets, which sit on a site gifted by the Cock Charitable Trust, were among the winning architectural projects with this year’s Nelson Marlborough Architecture Honours.

The awards for thirteen buildings across the regions were introduced at the Theatre Royal in Nelson last night.

Designed by Jerram Tocker Barron Architects, the loos opened up in June.

The firm also won in the commercial category for design of the Hope Gardens of Remembrance Crematorium. The 1903 Square lavatories won in the Small Project Architecture category.

Marc Barron stated both were interesting projects. “We enjoy doing things that are out of the ordinary, we can be a bit more creative plus innovative. ”

While the lavatories was a small project it was important for its location, he said. Their own brief from the city council has been to ensure it fitted in with the Victorian heritage of the area, and as element of that they had used the motif design on the nearby fountain and replicated it on the doors of the lavatories.

The awards jury stated the robust, modern design has been “an elegant assembly of city furniture”.

– © Fairfax NZ News


Watch out for cyber psychic scammers

As pre-Halloween witches and ghouls sprout up on U. S. lawns, experts are usually warning people to be wary of modern occult scammers who have moved online to hawk virtual voodoo dolls, vengeance spells and otherwise “haunted” items.

With position 9, 202, 591 in pi, you will fi …

pi At placement 9, 202, 591 in pi, you will find Jenny’ s telephone number 867-5309.

Scary Movies You Can Stream For Halloween party

horror movies halloween

Need to plan a horror-movie marathon? Look no further. Just turn out the lights, fire up your streaming device plus hit the “play” button on any of these 13 Halloween gems.

Netflix, Amazon . com Instant Video

Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie earned Oscar nods — rarities for horror performances — for this Stephen King fright holiday. The best thing “Carrie” did for us had been to showcase what can happen when mean girls rule the day. Additionally, it gave us an irrational fear of pig’s blood.

Netflix, Amazon Instant Video clip

The 1996 Wes Craven paragon reignited the slasher genre with its tongue-in-cheek approach. From the “What’s your favorite frightening movie? ” opener with Received Barrymore to the outline of horror-movie rules (“Never say ‘I’ll be right back'”), Craven and writer Kevin Williamson crafted an ironic but chilling sendup to the style.

“Silent House”
Netflix, Amazon Instant Video
silent house

The haunted-house thriller plays out in real time, as though filmed in one continuous take. The Hitchcockian technique adds a frightening realism to this Elizabeth Olsen automobile. Olsen plays Sarah, a young girl staying at her family’s Victorian lake house when it becomes overtaken by supernatural forces.

“The Cabin in the Woods”
the cabin in the woods

What “Scream” started, “The Cabin in the Woods” cemented. Its farcical yet ghastly meta approach to the horror genre resounded with critics, and an impressive 92 percent from the movie’s reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are positive. Five friends endeavor to, well, a cabin within the woods, where they are unknowingly subjected to a stereotypical horror scenario via technicians engineering scare tactics through an underground facility. What ensues is a bizarre but glorious ode to the genre’s trappings.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas”
Netflix, Amazon Instant Video
the nightmare before christmas

Usher within Halloween while also readying yourself for every other holiday that’s approaching with this Tim Burton-produced classic. Really fodder for yearly viewings, and now is the perfect time. This is Halloween party, this is Halloween!

“The American Scream”
Netflix, Amazon . com Instant Video
the american scream

This lively documentary genuinely frightening, but it’s a must-watch for virtually any Halloween hound. The movie profiles three families who spend the entire year — and barrels of money — transforming their Massachusetts homes into the supreme haunted houses. The subjects really are a tad kooky, of course , but the film portrays them with heart.

“The Imposter”
Netflix, Amazon . com Instant Video
the imposter
“The Imposter” is not a horror documentary in the traditional sense — there are no serial killers or paranormal occurrences. Yet it could be the spookiest release of 2012. The movie depicts a family whose teenage son goes missing and apparently turns up years later, except is in reality a fraud pretending to be him. The eerie events, told through selection interviews and reenactments, unfold with menacing resonance.

“The Evil Dead”
Netflix, Amazon Quick Video
evil dead

Before director Sam Raimi had been stampeding across the box office along with “Spider-Man” and “Oz the Great plus Powerful, ” he was helming one of the most iconic modern horror series. “The Evil Dead” has continued to be a cult favorite since it tested at the 1982 Cannes Film Event. Stephen King loves it, plus New Line loved it enough to consider an Ash vs . Freddy vs . Jason crossover.

Amazon Quick Video

David Lynch’s first feature is a black-and-white surrealist devotion to all matters outre. The tale of a man trying to survive the screams associated with his newborn mutant child, “Eraserhead” became a cult classic thanks to midnight screenings and the incredulous nature of some early reviews.

Amazon . com Instant Video

They’re heeeeeere! One of the all-time great and most quotable haunted-house specs in film history, “Poltergeist” grew to become notorious for the cursed set this supposedly spawned. An “E! Real Hollywood Story” focused on the deaths that occurred after filming the various entries in the franchise, including that of Heather O’Rourke, who played small Carol Anne. Watch this spirit-filled spook fest, but beware: Usually do not go into the light!

“The Mothman Prophecies”
Crackle. com
the mothman prophecies
“Prophecies” longs to get a tighter script, but Mark Pellington’s direction is masterful. Supposedly based on true incidents in a sleepy West Virginia town, the movie features Richard Gere as a newspaper columnist in whose wife (Debra Messing) is killed in a car accident caused by a supernatural moth-like creature. It sounds silly, but is in reality a chilling portrait of a small town whose residents are throttled by paranormal disturbances. Coupled with strong performances from Gere, Messing, Laura Linney and Will Patton, “Prophecies” is perfect for a lights-off viewing.

Netflix, Amazon Quick Video

Elizabeth Banks and Nathan Fillion star in this sci-fi horror comedy about a meteorite that crashes in to a South Carolina town and spawns the surfeit of parasites. The movie had been surprisingly acclaimed upon its launch, earning positive reviews from The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly and The New York Situations. If you’re looking for a creepy-crawly Halloween, “Slither” may be the way to go.

“Snoop Dogg’s Engine of Horror”
snoop dogg

Yes, this is real. It premiered at the 2006 Cannes Film Event. Get thee to Netflix instantly.

What are you watching for Halloween party? Give us some spooky suggestions in the comments below.

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  • “The Others”

    $96. 5 million

  • “Seven”

    $101 million

  • “Sleepy Hollow”

    $101. 1 million

  • “Scream 2”

    $101. 2 million

  • “Scream”

    $103 million

  • “Paranormal Activity 3”

    $104 million

  • “Interview with the Vampire”

    $105. 3 mil

  • “Paranormal Activity”

    $107. 9 million

  • “The Grudge”

    $110. 4 million

  • “The Village”

    $114. 2 million

  • “Van Helsing”

    $120. 2 million

  • “Shutter Island”

    $128 million

  • “The Ring”

    $129. 1 mil

  • “The Blair Witch Project”

    $140. 5 million

  • “The Mummy”

    $155. 4 million

  • “What Is situated Beneath”

    $155. 5 million

  • “The Mummy Returns”

    $202 million

  • “The Exorcist”

    $232. 9 million

  • “Jaws”

    $260 million

  • “The Sixth Sense”

    $293. 5 million

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The particular Halloween scrooge


TRICK OR TREAT PROFILING: One woman has said she’ll only give candy this particular Halloween to kids she deems not overweight.

A woman in Fargo, Northern Dakota told a local radio train station that she plans to give away letters instead of candy to kids she deems “moderately obese” this particular Halloween.

Speaking with Y-94 radio stations, she said, “I just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight. I think actually is just really irresponsible of mother and father to send them out looking for free of charge candy just because all the other kids are doing it. ”

The job interview quickly went viral, with commenters on Y-94 lambasting the woman for any “mean-spirited” idea that could give kids self-image problems and eating problems.

Valley News Live got a hold of the letter she’s planning to hand out, complete with pumpkin clip artwork.

Here’s the particular transcription [all sic]:

Joyful Halloween and Happy Holidays Neighbor!

You are probably wondering why your kid has this note; have you ever head the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”? I am disappointed within “the village” of Fargo Moorhead, West Fargo.

You child is, in my opinion, moderately obese and really should not be consuming sugar and treats to the extend of some kids this Halloween season.

Our hope is that you will step up like a parent and ration candy this particular Halloween and not allow your child to continue these unhealthy eating habits

Thanks a lot

And here’s the original…

– Business Insider


Find out more about promoting a website via the internet

The web has provided a conducive platform for everyone entrepreneurs. It has provided them with an excellent alternative when it comes to easy marketing and offering of services. This gives all business owners a chance in exploiting marketing techniques and be able to reach a massive group of people in just a short period of time. The most important thing when it comes to online marketing is the URL of the existence internet site. The more popular the URL, the more customers will visit the site and many likely use the services the site provides. This makes it very important to launch the existence of the website to the outer world.
Consider having business cards and some other materials that can be a marketing tool with all the URL clearly printed on them. The particular cards can then be issued to others online via mailing services or even social sites and anywhere applicable.
Write the URL of the website within the signature file of an email so that when an email is sent to somebody from the account that the URL unique file has been attached, the receiver will receive the mail plus an automatic string of text that contains the particular URL. This will make the people who receive mails from that account understand that there exists a webpage of that kind.
Website Promotion Ideas

Website Promotion Ideas

Use of social websites is also one of the ways to increase popularity to a website. This is because a social site like Facebook which has billions of users can be a tool for marketing. Posting the URL of the website and simply saying the importance of the website an entrepreneur owns or even markets on the social sites can bring up a great difference. To be able to make this happen, one will need to sign up with the related chosen social site and publish anything that contains information about the site to become promoted.

It is also crucial that you register the home page of the WEB ADDRESS with the most visited search engines like Google such that anyone who will try to find the site will most likely find it easier by use of the common search engines like google available.

Get other qualified webmasters and have them create Advertisements on their websites. By doing this, the particular probability of other customers to visit the website will increase because they can either visit your internet site by visiting others sites first. You could also use software such as the web design software by 1& 1 .

Promoting a website

Promoting a website

Start or sign up for an existing webring without any cost. It will help in the provision of an organized method to trade links with other sites carefully. In most cases, the webring tends to hyperlink similar sites together for example , a site which deals in selling cars can be linked with that one that deals to offer electronics hence one can get more alternate services on one site which hyperlinks onto others.

E-mail lists and news groups are also helpful tools when it comes to announcing of the internet site. Mailing list search engines are also useful when it comes to finding a suitable list for announcing the webpages. This will enable a person to know that there exists such a page on the website hence be interested in it. This example shows that there is a page under that will URL hence make people understand that there are latest movies on that particular site and be able to visit it.

Try as much as possible to be updated. Be among the first to know the recent techniques in marketing and research that involves the web. This will help in acquiring popularity when it comes to attraction of more and more people to the site becoming promoted.

Include fascinating topics and advertisements in the internet site such that people can have a reason to see the website even if the content of the internet site does not contain information that mainly concern him or her. By doing this, other people who may have interests in the content of the internet site will eventually come to know about it.

Super strikes twice — same guy, same storm

An off-road racing fanatic has survived being struck simply by lightning twice during the same surprise in north Texas.

Casey Wagner said Sunday that doctors informed him a tingling feeling would certainly last for about a week.

KTVT-TV reports Wagner was at an off-road competition in Saint Jo, 136 kilometres southwest of Dallas, when storms arrived.

The 31-year-old Wagner was under a tree when he was hit simply by lightning. He dropped to his knees then he was struck once again. Wagner says he saw sparks during the strikes.

A nurse who happened to be nearby cared for Wagner until he was taken to a hospital, where he was treated and released.

Wagner states he believes God kept him alive — and he plans to begin going to church more.

Fitdog Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest In Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

Los Angeles loves two points: Halloween and dogs. Put them with each other and you’re bound to laugh. For your third annual Fitdog howl-o-ween outfit contest this past weekend, dogs plus their owners came out with lots of start barking and bite. In typical LA form, costumes ranged from a pimp to a bottle of Sriracha incredibly hot sauce to, yes, Katy Perry. That costume gives “Roar” an entire new meaning.

To us, learning these pooches’ names is as fun as the outfit itself. If we were on the judges’ panel, we’d give the best-named dog award to Humphrey! The most-in-character dog is obvious: Finnegan as Dracula. You’re welcome.

Vote for your favorite costume on Fitdog’s Facebook web page. The winner will be announced November 1 and will receive a $250 present basket.


Luigi R since the Love Boat Captain


Steve M as Robin Hood


Oakley as a frog


Bernie as a hot dog


Bowie as a pimp


Miles being a Sriracha bottle


Finnegan as Dracula


Summer as a witch


Humphrey as a bull


Pearl as Katy Perry


Cali L as a sea chief


Pi as Where’s Waldo


Buffy as an alligator


Cooper & Leo as Dumb & Dumber


Lucy S as “Lucy”fer


Ana being a penguin


Buddy as a cow


Monty & Maxx as Buzz Light Year & Hard woody


Nala as a woolly big


Tommy as a sea chief


Ike as a pumpkin


Duncan as a frog


Emma as a cow


Lucy W as a bumble bee


Sadie as a lion

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Beijing divorces soar over property taxes

Beijing’s separation and divorce rate has soared as married couples seek to avoid a property tax enforced earlier this year by using a loophole for those whose marriages end.

Almost 40, 000 couples divorced in the Chinese capital in the first nine months of this year, up 41 per cent on the same period in 2012, the particular Beijing Youth Daily said on Tuesday, citing official figures.

In March China introduced a nationwide capital gains taxes of 20 per cent on the revenue owners make from selling home property.

But the conditions allow couples with two properties who divorce and put each house into one person’s name to after that sell them tax-free under specific conditions – after which they can remarry.

The growth price in divorces was “far higher” than in the previous four years, the particular newspaper added.

“The exceptionally fast growth is related to taxes evasion by some people taking advantage of the loophole in the (new) property buy regulations introduced by the government, inch it quoted Li Ziwei, a marriage expert and former civil affairs official in Beijing, as stating.

Couples in other first-tier cities – where property costs have rocketed in recent years – also have turned to the practice to avoid the main city gains tax, which can amount to hundreds and hundreds of dollars, the paper said.

Homeowners were previously taxed at just one or two per cent of the selling price.

A Shanghai marriage registration office – exactly where divorce applications are also processed within China – has put out an indicator saying: “There are risks in the property market, think twice before you get divorced, ” the Beijing Youth Daily added.

Property costs are a sensitive issue in China and authorities have sought for the past three years to control their rise.

As well as the capital gains taxes, other measures have included limitations on purchases of second plus third homes, higher minimum down-payments and taxes on multiple plus non-locally owned homes in some towns.