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Cheerleaders ticketed for performing in the street

Released: Sept. 30, 2013 at 1: 58 PM

GREATER LONDON, Ontario, Sept. 30 (UPI) — A cheerleading coach at the University of Western Ontario in Canada said the team’s captain was ticketed for top a street-side cheer during homecoming.

Coach David Tracey said team captain Max Gow led a cheer routine in the street in a student neighborhood in London whilst walking to Saturday’s homecoming sport, the QMI Agency reported Monday.

Tracey said law enforcement approached as three male cheerleaders were throwing a female cheerleader to the air. The officers told them they could not perform the routine in the street and Gow was issued a $136 ticket.

“It’s homecoming. Are we not designed to generate spirit? We’re the cheerleading team for goodness sake, inch Tracey said.

The particular ticket said Gow was “causing a nuisance in the street by performing a cheerleading performance. ”

A police spokeswoman mentioned she could not comment on the ticket until speaking with the issuing official.

Tracey said the street was already filled with people when the cheerleaders started performing.

“If were truly blocking the street and tying up traffic and leading to some kind of public disturbance then maybe I’d almost understand it, although not in this scenario, ” Tracey mentioned.

Top five Weirdest Cars Ever Made

Vacation Saloon
Can you imagine being stuck in your holiday traffic departures? You should think about it with a car that guarantees exceptional comfort.
Holiday Saloon

Vacation Saloon

This really is just one of the cockpits appeared on the ” Lowrider Experience” held in Los Angeles. Right here, fifty years ago, was created the movement of the ” lowrider ” as an act of rebellion of the Chicano ( Mexican Us citizens ) against the American middle course. The symbol of this class had been just the car that the bow, looking for a new identity, began to reinterpret. Digging in bizarre designs and accessories remarkable makes this movement a true art style.

Denim is fashionable

The mini vehicle has now entered the myth. In the photo, Serge Porcher proudly shows his mini with a great set of denim of his own design, not a mere exercise in tailoring, yet a true work of art exhibited at the Royal College of Art and Style in London. He had already offered all of us food for thought on modern art. To contribute to the popularity and success of the Mini were also often unscrupulous advertising campaigns, as you can see in the gallery dedicated to “Crazy Advertisements. ”

Denim is trendy

Denim is trendy

In the car like in your own home

In a conventional vehicle race one of the most important things is exactly the mass of the engine, in the case of Red Bull soap box race, the basic element is the creative spirit which gives shape and color to the ” body ” of the vehicle in origin … American, these competitions have crossed the ocean in order to spread throughout the world with artistic goals typical of each nation. It is an ecological race showing that the vehicles are not equipped with engines, but just exploiting the force of the law of gravity by jumping at full acceleration by the sloping streets.

In the car like at home

In the car such as at home

In the “auto living room” picture which was competed in the Red Bull Soap Package Race of Johannesburgh there is a big service on these crazy competitions is dedicated Focus on n. 134 (December 2003).

Farewell Beetle

The only assembly line that produces beetles on the planet is that of the factory in Puebla, 105 kilometers from Mexico City. And the beetle will be released following that on July the 30 th and it will become really the last of the old series: Volkswagen has announced the production of the last 3, 000 copies of the legendary “Beetle “. The production shuts and a myth sets.

Goodbye Beetle

Goodbye Beetle

The model has remained essentially unchanged over the years from your prototype product in Hitler’s Indonesia in 1934 and marketed as the “sedan “for excellence in the war.

In the picture there exists a version of ” hydro massage ” the legendary car, on display at a in Chateau d’Oex (Switzerland).

Ecology on track

This car launched with full speed on the circuit in Lausitz, Germany, should not be the ultimate in comfort. But one thing is certain, it utilizes little! This is in fact the main requirement required to race cars participating in the yearly Shell Eco- marathon.

Ecology on track

Ecology on track

In the race you need to travel the greatest number of miles while consuming as little as possible. This year one of the most environmentally friendly, according to the jury, was a People from france prototype that thanks to a special body very light has traveled 3771 km with only 1 liter associated with fuel. French solar-powered model managed to consume only 1 kWh of electricity – what you normally consume only for the ignition of a washing machine – every 640 km.

Columbia students love them some Nutella


Students at Columbia possess a surprising addiction. Buzzfeed tells us the particular shocking truth:

Columbia officials say they’re losing $5, 000 worth of Nutella every week. Using the numbers above, that’s 850-950 pounds worth of supply.

If you think that’s scary, consider what that amount of Nutella costs per year: the tuition of about 4 students.

Via Buzzfeed.

More strange information

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

This Beer-Barricaded House May Be The Best Wedding Prank Ever

Friends of a newly-married couple in Belgium recently pulled off what may be the most legendary beer prank ever.

Newlyweds Sofie Verret and Gerry Dumortier arrived home the morning after their own wedding to find it completely barricaded with hundreds of beer crates. Oh, and an enormous sign reading, ““Shh… Newlyweds. Baby in the making. ”

beer prank 2

As though that wasn’t enough, the close friends (or enemies? ) arranged seven, 500 empty beer bottles in the backyard in the shape of the couples’ initials.

beer prank

According to Deredactie. be, it got Verret and Dumortier 20 minutes to hack their way into their own home.

Dumortier isn’t too upset over the whole thing, according to a BuzzFeed interpretation of a quote given to Het Nieuwsblad. “It was fun, we had an excellent laugh, and [our friends] helped us clean it all up, ” the couple said.

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Cheating Husband Asks for 10,000 Facebook Likes to Win Wife’s Forgiveness

A thousand roses, boxes of chocolates, diamond necklaces, expensive shoes and cars. These are just some of the many ways men have tried to earn their spouses’ forgiveness after having cheated on them. Meet Ivan Lewis, the cheater, and Sonya Gore, the mastermind behind her husband’s unique and very public display of affection.

Lewis and Gore got married in 2010 but split after only 10 months because of Lewis’ constant cheating. After some time apart, during which Lewis reflected on what he had done, the guy decided to put an end to his unfaithful ways and do everything in his power to get Gore to forgive him. On September 22, he proposed to her publicly on his Facebook wall. Although many people were touched by his gesture, Gore wasn’t too impressed. He then posted a picture of himself holding a piece of paper which read “I cheated on my wife!!! (and she was ugly!!!)”, stating that he needed 10,000 likes in order for Gore to take him back. His plea was generally well received but there was a good amount of criticism as well: “My man wouldn’t have to show and prove it on fb! So, I’m probably one on the number who wouldn’t care for that!!”, Facebook user Latoya Holiday wrote. “Well if she was ugly why’d you do it? Men always think the grass is greener on the other side, this is a lesson learned if she takes you back and if she does this should never come up again because once you forgive someone you can’t keep back tracking, move forward and keep God first, I hope yall make it work !” another user posted.


Photo: Facebook

Unexpectedly, Gore was always quick to reply with supportive comments about Lewis, even stating that it was her idea to post the picture. In fact, she was also the one who wrote the message. Most people were very sympathetic towards him, stating that it took a lot of courage to publicly admit to his mistake, and that his response to criticism, “Bro I’m goin’ to get my wife back”, strengthened their belief in love and forgiveness.


This is the photo Lewis Posted on Facebook on September 22, with the following message: “This is my wife Sonya Gore we have been separated for two years an i wanted to ask her will u marry me again??”

Photo: Facebook

As of September 30, 00:00 (might need to recheck later), Lewis’ bizarre photo received 14,050 likes on Facebook and was shared 1,142 times. Although the 10,000 threshold has been met, Sonya Gore hasn’t yet forgiven Lewis, but he is hopeful that she will, eventually.

via Newsone

Arse Elektronika 2013 ID/ENTITY, San Francisco Conference on Sex and Technology

The seventh annual Arse Elektronika, a conference on sex and technology, takes place October 3 through 6 in San Francisco. This year’s conference will focus on issues of identity through talks, videos, and performances. The conference will open with a book release party for Screw The System, the fourth Arse Elektronika anthology. Arse Elektronika is presented by monochrom. Tickets are available here.

Lego’s $1000 golden ticket for Kiwi couple

Mr Gold


Mr Gold: The particular limited edition Lego mini-fig is offering for ridiculous sums online.

Mr Gold

Protected: Marc and Jane Murray aren’t taking any chances with their Mister Gold.

A New Plymouth couple stockpiling Lego for their 8-month-old baby boy have chanced upon a coveted golden Lego man.

Jane Murray and her husband, Marc, started their son’s Lego selection by buying six Lego mini-figurines from the New Plymouth Warehouse on Saturday.

After getting home and opening the first lot, they decided to go back and get another lot.

“We didn’t know about the gold Lego man until we opened up one of the packets and read the brochure inside it, so we thought ‘these are very cool’ and went and purchased another six from the same Warehouse in town, ” Jane said.

Standing at the counter, Marc spoken to a child trying to decipher the thing that was inside his bag, she stated.

Asking him what he or she thought his chances were of getting a Mr Gold, the child stated: “Nah, you won’t find one of those in New Plymouth, they’re too uncommon. ”

Only 5000 Mister Golds were released worldwide.

So far, 1676 have been found, from Italy to the United States, with eighteen uncovered in New Zealand.

Each Mr Gold minifigure comes with a special code that lets kids see how many figures have been found.

Jane Murray said they might be selling Mr Gold, most likely on eBay.

In 04 a Napier Trade Me consumer sold a Mr Gold with a small scratch on the torso designed for $750, but several Mr Golds have been listed on eBay with requesting prices of more than $1000.

Mister Gold’s bio says he is “shining and golden from the top of his tall tophat to the guidelines of his toes”, and could end up being discovered in all sorts of unexpected places.

“He never seems to turn up precisely when and where you’re looking for him, ” this says.

– © Fairfax NZ News

Chinese doctors grow nose on man' s forehead

Doctors in China have initiated a new treatment which they say can eventually benefit thousands of patients. They had been treating a 22 year-old patient, whose nose had been badly damaged in a traffic accident.

They have been able to grow a brand new nose, as China correspondent Damian Grammaticas explains.

Watch the video for the complete story.

Scientists Invent Lightsaber, Claim Dubious Blog Headlines

(Image: Lucasfilm)

Physicists Mikhail Lukin (Harvard) plus Vladan Vuletic (MIT) claim to have invented a new form of matter: photons that act as though they have mass. I have no idea if it’s genuine. But I am certain that Prof. Lukin knows exactly how to get media interest:

“Photonic molecules, ” however , act less like traditional lasers and more like something you might find in science fiction – the light saber.

“Most of the properties of light we all know about originate from the fact that photons are massless, and that they do not interact with each other, ” Lukin said. “What we now have done is create a special type of medium in which photons interact with each other so strongly that they begin to work as though they have mass, and they join together to form molecules. This type of photonic bound state has been discussed theoretically for quite a while, but until now it hadn’t been observed.

“It’s not an in-apt analogy to compare this particular to light sabers, ” Lukin added. “When these photons connect to each other, they’re pushing against plus deflect each other. The physics of what’s happening in these molecules is similar to what we see in the movies. inch

Link -via Tor

Justin Sidhu Tried Smuggling Meth Straight into Jail For Client: Police

  • Dylan Edward Contreras

    Dylan Edward Contreras. 19, was arrested pertaining to providing false information about his identity after an encounter with Double Falls police. Police then realized that Contreras had his last name tattooed on his arm. He was imprisoned on three outstanding warrants.

  • Jones Robert Harter

    Man Jumps Off Bridge To Avoid DUI Test.

  • Treavor Barnes Gladstone

    Trevor Gladston Jr., 39, associated with Atlanta is accused of moving a note to a teller that said, “Give the money now or we begin to shoot, ” at the Wells Fargo Bank in the 5400 block associated with Peachtree Boulevard around 12: thirty p. m. Wednesday.

    The suspect left the bank without any money after the teller stepped far from the counter behind its bullet-resistant glass, Chamblee police said.

  • Ohio man Samuel Cole allegedly stomped on his girlfriend’s chest very hard that her breast implant burst in February, 2012. Cole eventually took the woman to a hospital, yet told her not to tell anybody on the hospital about the attack, according to the law enforcement report.

  • Ramon Blair

    A Martin County sheriff’s deputy in Florida arrested Ramon Blair, twenty-eight, based on tips from informants that will Blair would have hundreds of dollars associated with crack cocaine “on his individual. ” An initial search turned simply no results, but a more thorough lookup while in custody revealed that Blair had hidden the crack in, well, his crack. Blair had been told to undress, squat, and cough — and police found what appeared to be a white part of paper in his buttocks, which included crack cocaine.

  • Thomas Mills

    Thomas Mills, 74 was imprisoned for prostitution in Myrtle Seaside, S. C.

  • Evelyn Marie Fuller

    Evelyn Marie Fuller, the toothless 49-year-old woman from Pa, was arraigned on two matters of bank robbery in January. Her motive: She needed cash for dentures, cops say.

  • Cops in Logan, Utah, state they brought an extremely intoxicated guy to the hospital on Jan. twenty. They put him in the care of 46-year-old hospital worker Hal Weston. Whenever they returned minutes later, Weston had been allegedly performing oral sex on the blacked out patient. He was arrested upon charges of forced sodomy.

  • Russell Christopher Hofstad

    Russell Christopher Hofstad is accused of skinning and eating a cat.

  • That’s Mr. Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop to you. The man with the amazing title was born Jeffrey Drew Wilschke. He changed his name in October last year, but got in trouble with Madison, Wisc. police on Jan. 5 when he was arrested pertaining to alleged possession of a knife, cannabis, and drug paraphernalia.

  • Flaming Tampon Tossers

    Patricia Deshong, twenty five, and Quentin Deshong, 22, were arrested Jan. 7 in Metallic Township, Penn., after attempting to explode a vehicle using flaming tampons. The particular incident took outside of a bar and, as a result, the duo were arrested on a variety of charges, which includes attempted arson, public drunkenness, and criminal mischief.

  • Ray Lynn Mitcham Jr.

    Ray Lynn Mitcham Jr., of Linden, N. C., was arrested Jan. 9, this year, in Cumberland County, N. C., for crime against nature using a dog. Debbie Tanna, spokeswoman for that Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, said Mitcham’s next door neighbor went to speak with him Jan. 2 . The neighbors, who is also Mitcham’s landlord, told detectives she opened the door in order to his mobile home and saw him attacking her dog. The particular mixed-breed female was taken to the veterinarian, who recovered a GENETICS sample. Tanna said Mitcham had been arrested Monday after his GENETICS profile matched the sample retrieved from the dog.

  • Oneal Morris

    < a href=”” target=”_hplink”> Oneal Morris< /a> is accused of posing as a doctor and filling a women’s buttocks along with cement, mineral oil and flat-tire sealant.

    The woman wanted to work at a nightclub and searched for someone who could perform plastic surgery in a cheap price to give her the curvier body.

    Law enforcement say Oneal was was born a person but identifies as a woman.

  • Man Allegedly Steals Ambulance

    Hubert Lee Credit was beat up by four guys, had a hole wound on his forehead, and necessary to go to the hospital. That’s why he allegedly stole an ambulance near their Tampa home. He got treatment and was later taken to prison.

  • Skeleton In The Passenger Seat

    A Washington motorist had been busted for making a boneheaded choice — he put a skeleton in the passenger seat so can drive in the HOV lane.

  • Darrin Porter

    An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting isn’t the right venue for show and tell. Darrin Porter, 45, was charged along with disorderly conduct and obstructing formal business after he allegedly damaged an AA meeting while consumed and carrying a can associated with beer.

  • John Robin Whittle

    John Robin Whittle wouldn’t let a good beer go to waste, law enforcement say. The 52-year-old ordered the beer at a bar, left in order to rob a bank, then came back to the watering hole to finish their brew, investigators in Pasco County, Fla. allege.

  • Timothy Randall Clark

    Timothy Clark probably did not think his plan through whenever he allegedly shoplifted from a Wal-Mart at the same time that police were holding their “Shop With A Cop” charitable organisation event.

  • William E. Robinson

    William E. Robinson, 66, had been charged with reckless conduct and discharging a firearm on another person’s property after he allegedly opened up fire on a tree outside the shopping mall with a shotgun in an attempt to knock down a sprig of mistletoe. Robinson reportedly told authorities in Decatur, Ga., that he always gets ready for Christmas by shooting with mistletoe and was surprised that he was being taken into custody.

  • Dannial Ashley

    Supermarket employees in Florida call the cops after they caught Dannial Ashley with a romantic dinner stuffed down his trousers.

  • Shawn Weimer

    Shawn Weimer, seen here with his nine-year-old daughter at a suburban Detroit gas station on the night he let her drive after he’d been drinking, admitted in court it was “a mistake” to use her as a chauffeur.

  • Ella Jo Price

    During a stop for an alleged visitors violation, sheriff’s deputies in South Carolina seized two crack pipes that will Ella Jo Price had allegedly hidden in her private components: One was concealed in her crotch and the other was stashed in her buttocks, deputies said.

  • Heather Lynn Mayo

    Heather Lynn Mayo called law enforcement looking for help to get her undesirable boyfriend out of her Florida residence, but she wound up getting imprisoned. Her significant other clued cops in to the alleged fact that Mayo was the motorist in a deadly hit-and-run accident in February.

  • Shakir Taylor

    They say criminals often return to the picture of the crime — perhaps that’s especially true for those who live on the same obstruct as the scene of the crime. Law enforcement say siblings Shakir Taylor, pictured, and Kadija Taylor robbed the bank on the same Forestville, Md. obstruct where they reside.

  • Ruth Wagner

    Wagner was imprisoned in Southington, Conn. after allegedly stabbing a woman with a Christmas decoration while fleeing from a craft reasonable vendor that accused her associated with shoplifting. The victim tried to obstruct Wagner’s escape, but was slashed using a seashell decoration by the fleeing thief.

  • Gwinnett County, Ga. law enforcement say Trevor Jones broke in to a home, then used the victim’s laptop computer to log into Facebook. The problem pertaining to Jones, allegedly, was that he forgot to log out before this individual left.

  • LB Williams

    A Panama City mixed-race married couple found a cross burning in the entrance of their home. A few days later, two threatening notes filled with racially abusive language and signed by the “KKK” were found taped to the home, according to reports. < a href=”” target=”_hplink”> LB Williams< /a>, the spouse, eventually admitted to setting the particular fire and posting the information, so his wife of nearly seven years would drop her divorce filings.

  • Olivia Ornelas

    Police in Illinois say that Olivia Ornelas blamed her DUI and crashed vehicle on her boyfriend’s failure to take her, as he promised, to the new “Twilight” movie.

  • Joshua Andre Pee

    Police arrested Joshua Andre Pee and claimed this individual plotted with a teenage friend in order to fake the 17-year-old’s kidnapping in Florida from a celebrity tennis competition. When Delray Beach police and FBI agents found Pee holed up in a Budget Inn resort two days later, he fled and broke into a home, trying to conceal. He was charged with burglary and resisting arrest.

  • Ranaldo Jack

    Authorities in Georgia found Ranaldo Jack stuck in a female’s chimney. He was charged in connection with an attempted burglary.

  • Tina Arie and Howard Windham

    Tina Arie and Howard Windham allegedly got frisky in the backseat of the patrol car taking them in on drug charges. Even though their particular hands were shackled behind them, Windham’s pants were unbuttoned and lowered, allowing Arie to perform oral sex. The particular deputy ordered them to knock this off and they weren’t hit along with any additional charges.

  • Marsia Emanuel

    Marsia Emanuel allegedly flagged a school bus in Winter Haven, Fla., boarded and beat the bus driver in front of her daughter, a student riding it already. Cops found Emanuel later at home where she dropped her underpants in front of them, they said. It’s ambiguous what was her motive.

  • Bug Aerosol Bandit

    Investigators in California are trying to track down a man who robbed a bank armed with pesticide. The suspect appeared to be carrying the black semi-automatic handgun and a plastic container of pesticide when this individual held up the Pacific Western Financial institution in Rancho Santa Fe upon Nov. 4, 2011.

  • Dorothy Desjardins

    Police say that 87-year-old Dorothy Desjardins shot her elderly spouse, Peter, after suspecting him of getting an affair with her hairdresser.

  • Karen Holly

    Police in Lakewood ranch arrested Karen Henry, 45, after she allegedly threatened her 80-year-old father with a knife for not expressing his potato salad.

  • Gregory Liascos

    This camouflage might work well in nature, but it really stands out in the law enforcement station. Oregon investigators believe Gregory Liascos, 36, was wearing this particular “ghillie” camouflage when he attemptedto break into the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals last week. After setting off alarms, the believe allegedly fled into a wooded region nearby. Officers only found Liascos when a police dog bit exactly what appeared to be a patch of lawn — which yelped in discomfort. On Oct. 12, 2011, professionals said Liascos failed to show up pertaining to his trial. A warrant continues to be issued for his arrest.

  • Joseph Wilson

    Police arrested Joseph Wilson for the hundredth time after he allegedly stole $174 really worth of socks and underwear from the Bealls department store in Port St . Lucie Florida.

  • Albert Tejeda

    Sheriff’s deputies in Pinal County, Ariz., say Albert Tejeda’s special tattoos — and his lengthy hip hop sheet — leave him using a face they’ll never forget. After Tejeda allegedly fled during a traffic stop, deputies claim they knew exactly who they were looking for and later found the 31-year-old walking around Casa Grande with a samurai sword.

  • Ian Stuart Wood

    Florida police imprisoned Ian Stuart Wood at their home in East Naples after he allegedly choked his wife over a heated game of Yahtzee.

  • Melissa Barbara Minarsich

    Law enforcement in Iowa City, Iowa have got accused 28-year-old Melissa Barbara Minarsich of attacking her boyfriend after he refused to have sex along with her.

  • Wilnelia Caraballo

    Law enforcement say Wilnelia Caraballo attempted to rob a convenience store using a toy gun, but found herself on a lawn when one of the clerks yelled “Palm Bay police. Get on the ground! inch

  • Ashton Graham allegedly used an inhaler to steal two cases of beer before slamming his head through a police cruiser windshield.

  • Juan Aguirre

    Even if Juan Aguirre got aside, he would have ended up empty given. Police said the 21-year-old Kansas stole six empty DVD containers from a local adult entertainment store.

  • Alicia Ducharme

    Police imprisoned Alicia Ducharme after she allegedly poured cucumber salad over a good elderly man’s head.

  • Shania Sutherland

    Sutherland was arrested whenever her drug deal got disrupted by her three-year-old who terminated a 12-gauge shotgun through the roof of a car in Marietta, Ga. on Sept. 6.

  • Terry Kimball

    Police arrested Kimball pertaining to misuse of 911 after the 50-year-old Florida man called the cops hoping of forcing a Taco Bell to serve him a midnight snack.

  • Daphne Melin

    Daphne Melin

    A 32-year-old Long Island woman was busted after egging on two 12-year-old women to fight outside an primary school and then beating up children who was watching nearby.

    Daphne Melin, of Shirley, motivated the juvenile dust-up outside Bill Floyd Elementary School on Weekend afternoon, Suffolk County cops said.

  • Francisco Rojas

    Police were called in order to Francisco Rojas’ home by their wife who complained that her husband was drunkenly trying to pull out his own tooth. In the end, Port St . Lucie cops arrested Rojas pertaining to breaching the peace because he frequently cursed at them despite warnings to calm down.

  • Kandice J. Child

    Kandice J. Child is seen in this booking photo from your Oxford County Jail. Child and her 15-year-old son were in an altercation when her son little bit his high-school principal, drawing blood.

  • ‘Vampire’ Josephine Smith

    Josephine Smith is seen in this reserving photo from the Pinellas County Prison. Smith was arrested after allegedly attacking and biting a piece of skin off a homeless man in St . Petersburg after proclaiming “I am a vampire, I am going to eat you”.

  • Julio Socarras Mompeller

    Julio Socarras Mompeller allegedly exposed his genitals through a sunroof in the Florida Keys.

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