11-Year-Old Chinese Boy Donates Organs to Save Others

Liang Yaoyi, an 11-year-old Chinese boy who decided to donate his organs to save others before he died from a brain tumor.

From QQ:

11-Year-Old Primary School Student from Shenzhen Donates Organs Before His Demise to Save Others

The only 11-year-old main school student Liang Yaoyi from Shenzhen suffered from a brain tumour and shortly before his passing away, he decided to donate his kidneys and liver. On June 6th, his wish was fulfilled plus within eight hours, the organs that he had donated were able to save several lives. Photo is of their room in the intensive care device, where little Yaoyi had currently lost consciousness and no longer capable of close his eyes by themselves, so the nurses put a heavy layer of medical cream onto his eyes.

Chinese doctors bow to the body of an 11-year-old boy who donated his organs to save others after dying from brain cancer.

The suffering caused by the tumour even caused him he to improve his personal dreams and aspirations. If he could only survive, he would become a doctor, and cure everybody’s illnesses. Previously, he had just want to become a big boss that earned a pile of cash, so he could take care of his mom in the future. Regrettably, he would not be capable of become a doctor, and thus he decided to donate his organs as well as their own body to a medical school, consequently fulfilling his dream of entering a medical university in this way. Photo is of after the operation was completed, when doctors pushed his body out from the operating room, and bowed to Yaoyi and his mother three times. Right now, his mother covered her face, and cried bitterly.

Comments from QQ:


I really hope the medical school will honour the dignity of the deceased after they have dealt with the body. They should not only randomly discard the bodies of others but instead give them an honourable funeral.

書 生鹅卵石 (responding to above)

Are you to a medical school? Where do you see that they randomly discard body?

469328539 (also responding to 举报鹅卵石)

The remains should be returned to the family.

酒中仙鹅卵石 (also responding to 举报鹅卵石)

Every part of the body is of usage to medical science, so it will not be discarded much less buried.


*crying* Whenever I see such a scene I feel completely dejected. The best explanation for life, is precisely this. Rest in peace little Yaoyi. In heaven there will be no more sickness, there will be no more pain.


Liang Yaoyi, you will touch everybody [with your action]! Rest in peace.

1 2 3 木头人~

What a good kid! I believe humans have a soul, and might his wishes come true in the world of mood.


The life of the child will keep on in the people who received the transplants!


Rest in peace. I hope that you will find more happiness and cheerfulness in the other world.


Rest in peace child, you will live forever in our hearts.


Good child… may you rest in peace. In heaven there is no sickness and pain… to see such a fine child with this type of fate… fate really likes to play jokes on people!


A great soul originates in a noble mind.

“11-Year-Old Chinese Boy Donates Internal organs to Save Others”

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