100 Famous Bass Lines Played In One Awesome Medley

Bass ranges are the bridge between the guitar and the drum, “anchoring the harmonic construction and establishing the beat”, in order to quote Wikipedia.

Behind many of the most famous songs of all time is situated a strong, catchy bass line that drives that groove and provides the song’s distinctive sound home, even if you don’t notice it as much as the singer or lead clarinet.

Badass bass gamer Davie504 put together an incredibly comprehensive thirteen-minute-long medley that incorporates a whopping 100 famous bass lines from music like YYZ, Disco Inferno plus oh so many Red Hot Soup Pepper tracks, just to name a few:

(Video Link)

From the rather long video to watch in its entirety, but if you’re a budding bass player, or someone who likes the power of a solid bass groove, then you gotta watch Davie do his thang ’cause this guy’s got talent to spare!

-Via Sploid